800 raids conducted across India!!! The end of Mayawati, Lalu Yadav family and many more powerful politicians

Those who shouted demonetisation was a big failure, here is a tragic news for them. Due to the historic move of PM Modi, the backbone of corrupts have been broken. Henceforth, the jails will be filled with politicians who looted Indians till date.

Post demonetisation, 800 raids were conducted by Enforcement Directorate across India. Now the Enforcement Directorate has decided to name and shame all the corrupts and the initial names that are heard in the list of ED are BSP chief Mayawati and RJD Supremo Lalu Yadav’s daughter Misa Bharti.

The dossier also said that with the help of UAE, Dubai, Malaysia, and Hong Kong, the black money was transferred out of India. The top businesses tried to save their black money by using co-operative credit societies and shell companies. It further mentioned that ‘illegal mining and bank frauds’ are the two principal routes of generating and channelising slush funds.

This was the first time the Enforcement Directorate has decided to name the traitors who evaded from paying tax.

  • Over Rs 11000 crore of slush funds detected
  • Not just this, 4000 cases registered under FEMA and PMLA
  • Reports say that top bureaucrats also laundered money
  • 600 show cause notices issued by the ED

This makes the point clear that why Congress-led opposition was opposing the ‘Note Ban’ move.

Black Money kaha hai? Opposition leaders ke pass hai!!!

From Rahul Gandhi to Lalu Yadav, every eminent corrupts were attacking PM Modi saying ‘where is the black money?’ But now that the ED has decided to reveal the names of the people who were involved in suspicious transactions, every corrupt will be eliminated.

What is the biggest benefit of demonetisation?

The RBI data has revealed that there is 10% drop in the money held by the public and the currency in circulation is down by 17%. This makes it clear that more money has been infused into the financial system.

Yes, more than Rs 3 trillion has freshly joined into the formal financial system which was before, cash in circulation.

NEFT transaction increased from Rs9.5 trillion to Rs12.5 trillion!!!

This data is enough to prove that people are dumping the age old means of transaction and are embracing digital economy. ‘Livemint’ reported that “Digitisation of transactions is growing with the value of NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) transactions rising from Rs9.5 trillion to Rs12.5 trillion over a year”.

Another plus point of digital transaction is that it makes the work of IT Sleuths easy to find anyone who indulges in fraudulent activities.

Hansika Raj