832 Pakistani soldiers killed in massive retaliatory fire by India: Pakistan media!

Since the BJP government took over, the media is hell bent of spreading a negative image of Kashmir saying that the situation has worsened in the last 3 years. But the media never want to show the real situation of Kashmir and how many terrorists and Pakistani soldiers have been killed across border by Indian army. The real picture will embarrass the pseudo liberal media and the Azadi gang.

Since past 2 years, the big change what Modi government has brought is, its given free hand to soldiers and army. Hence the army has gone all out war against Pakistani terrorists and even soldiers.

Major Hizbul terrorists have been killed by the army which has dented these Pak sponsored terrorism movement in the valley. The level of desperation has made them go on rampage in the city attacking civilians and police personals like cowards. The number of infiltration have gone down several times, the army deaths have also reduced compare to past 4-5 years. But the media is only projecting a wrong picture trying to malign the Central government.

The media created a hue cry when Burhan Wani was killed and tried to project him as innocent. But the army was in no mood to hear the same rhetoric of the anti National gang and continued with their strike against these cowards and killed his successor recently. The surgical strikes conducted last year was a massive blow to Pakistan and nearly 100 terrorists and soldiers have said to be killed.

Indian army has retaliated more than 12-15 times in past 2-3 months killing over 832 Pakistani soldiers and injuring over 3000 personals. Over 3,300 houses have said to be damaged. These numbers were not given by Indian army, but Pakistan director general (DG) of the Disaster Management Authority (DMA) informed the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Kashmir Affairs. Just few days back, the defence minister of Pakistan had also asked the Pakistan army to submit a report providing complete details on the number of soldiers death which the Pakistani army refused to give.

The whole data was set to be tampered and Pakistan army did not want to reveal the actual number of deaths. The spokesperson for the AJK (Azad Jammu Kashmir) also said that the casualties on the border was very high and even then the Pakistan government was not helping them in providing financial aide to the soldiers family. “Indian behaviour has been inappropriate of late, which is why security agencies are recommending that the members of the committee postpone their visit to the LoC,” Hussain informed the committee.

This information is more than sufficient to get clear picture of what exactly is happening Kashmir and LoC and whether Indian army is taking stringent action against the terror country Pakistan. Indian media will never show these facts as its not a very good news for them. So those people who think that Indian government and Army doesn’t take proper action should read the report in DAWN newspaper of Pakistan!

Source: https://www.dawn.com/news/1340485

Aishwarya S