9 Covert Operations of RAW Which Prove That It Is One of The Best Intelligence Agencies in The World

The Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) was established in 1968 and is India’s primary intelligence agency. It’s primary functions are to gather foreign intelligence, engage in counter-terrorism, promote counter-proliferation, advise Indian policymakers and to advance India’s foreign strategic interests.

Following is information about nine daring covert operations of the RAW –

  • Amalgamation of Sikkim – In 1972, RAW was authorised by Indira Gandhi to make Sikkim a part of India and to install a pro-India government there. By 1975, Sikkim became a part of India as the 22nd state of India.
  • Special Operations – Two covert groups – Counterintelligence Team-X and Counterintelligence Team-J – were created by RAW to take on Khalistani groups. These groups successfully finished Khalistani insurgency.
  • Intelligence in the 26/11 Mumbai Attacks – RAW had intercepted telephone calls through SIGNIT but no follow-up was done due to intelligence failures. However, the RAW did attain success when the chief of HuJI India, Sheikh Abdul Khwaja, was arrested in Colombo because of intelligence inputs by the agency.
  • Creation of Bangladesh – Intelligence inputs to the army, and supplying of information and weapons to the MuktiBahini by RAW proved instrumental in the formation of Bangladesh.
  • Operation Kahuta – Kahuta was the site in Pakistan where it conducted its nuclear program from early 1978. To prove that Pakistan was indeed indulging in enriching uranium, RAW agents gathered hair of Pakistani scientists in a barber shop near the facility whose analysis proved that Pakistan was indeed enriching uranium.
  • Operation Leech – RAW assassinated 6 top Burmese rebels who were responsible for supplying weapons and training rebels in North-Eastern states. The agency also arrested 34 Arakanese guerrilla fighters.
  • Snatch Operations with IB – RAW has performed close to 400 snatch operations including the nabbing of Bhupinder Singh Bhuda of Khalistan Commando Force, Lakshar militant Tariq Mehmood, and Sheikh Abdul Khwaja who was one of the handlers of the 26/11 Mumbai Attacks.
  • Operation Smiling Buddha – In May 1974, India entered a elite nuclear club when it detonated a 15-kiloton plutonium device at Pokhran. The world was successfully kept in the dark, thanks to the efforts of RAW.
  • Operation Chanakya – RAW infiltrated many ISI-backed separatist groups in Kashmir and neutralized militancy in the Valley under this operation. The agency is also credited for the split in the Hizb-ul-Mujahideen.

    Vinayak Jain