After 900 years a Hindu King has ascended the throne at Delhi!!! Allow him to do his duty

Indians have acquired a peculiar habit all of a sudden. This habit was not found for almost a period of 65 years since Independence. But now, Indians have started to follow the footsteps of few fools and that peculiar habit is to ‘question PM Narendra Modi’.

• Who are these fools who are questioning PM Modi?

• Who are those who are spreading lies that youths are jobless under PM Modi?

• Who are those people who are barking to help the poor of India?

• Who are those people who are questioning Indian economy, demonetisation, GST, bullet train?

Still didn’t realise who are these fools? These are the same people who ruled and ruined India for 65 years since independence. These are the same fools who couldn’t answer their citizens’ question. These are the same people who are blaming on PM Modi for the blunders done by them. It is none other than Congress party leaders and their blind followers.

Let me remind to the innocent people who are following these fools that after 900 years a Hindu ruler has ascended the throne in Delhi. Yes, it is none other than PM Narendra Modi who is protecting the rights of every Indians.

The great Prithviraj Chauhan was the last Hindu ruler and after him, the national capital had to face the atrocities of Mughuls, Turks, British and later 65 years of Sonia Gandhi’s government.

Have you Hindus forgotten the below mentioned information? Have you forgotten how India was destroyed in the past few centuries? If you have forgotten it, then I will make an attempt to remind you about it!!!

• Have you forgotten the fact that 14000 Hindu women had performed Jauhar to save themselves from the horny ruler named Allahuddin Khilji?Inline image 1

• When Shivaji’s son refused to accept Islam, his tongue was chopped off and his eyes were removed using boiled iron rod. Have you forgotten it?

• Have you forgotten the so called ‘Mysore Tiger’ who had killed lakhs of Hindus and even Christians in Karnataka? Yes, he is Tipu Sultan who is today a celebrated person in the Congress ruled Karnataka state.

• 14 year old Brahmin girl was raped in the palace by a horny man named Shah Jahan. Did you forget this?

• Did you forget how Ram Mandir in Ayodhya was destroyed by Babur and how he erected a mosque on it?

• In the Jwalamukhi temple, Durga Matha’s idol was destroyed by Ibrahmin Lodi. The same man slaughtered a cow within the temple premises and distributed to his barbaric men. Did you forget this?

• This one you may call a lie but yes, there was a time when gold, diamond and pearls were being distributed in the streets of Vijayanagara Empire. But a Bijapur Sultan’s destroyed and demolished a beautiful town called Hampi. Have you forgotten this?

• Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti, a man who sneaked into Prithviraj Chauhan’s kingdom in the name of Sufism had later on cheated him. Have you forgotten the fact that he had helped Muhamad Ghori to rape Prithviraj Chauhan’s wife Sanyogitha in public?

• Have you forgotten how the 5 year old and 7 year old kids of Guru Govind Singh were buried behind the bricks by Bajir Khan?Inline image 6

• I haven’t forgotten how Aurangzeb peeled off the skin of Sambhaji Maharaj and burnt him aliveInline image 3

• When 72 year old father of Hemu denied embracing Islam, his head was chopped off by a communal lunatic named Akbar? Aren’t you ashamed to call him ‘Akbar The Great’?

• Bhai Mati Das was a Sikh martyr and disciple of Tegh Bahadur who was stoned to death by the communal Aurangzeb when he denied accepting Islam. Have you forgotten this?

• Can you believe that Kashmir was once a heaven in India but it was turned into a hell by Sufi Sayed Sharafuddin. Have you forgotten it?

• For the sake of power, Jinnah urged the partition of India and which resulted in the massacre of lakhs of Hindus. Have you forgotten this?

• Have you forgotten the insult India had to face after it lost the war with China? Have you forgotten that it was only due to the mistake of Nehru?

• Have you forgotten that several NGO were receiving billions of rupees just to convert Hindus to Christianity during the tenure of UPA government from 2004 to 2014?

• Have forgotten that a Prime Minister who ruled India for 10 years once said that the first right on the natural resource of India goes to minorities? Have you forgotten this injustice done to the Hindus?

• Have you forgotten that how the tolerant Hindus were suppressed by inventing the term ‘Saffron terrorism’?

• “Ram, Sita, Ramayana and Mahabharat is just a fake story”. Have you forgotten how the Congress tried to demolish Hinduism by saying the previous statement?

• Can you forget how the Congress government removed the cases on extremist organisations like KFD, PFI who had abused Lord Ram?

• Did you forget how a cow- which is being worshipped by crores of Hindus- was brutally butchered by the Congress in Kerala?

• Bangladeshi and Rohingyas are welcomed with red carpets and the Hindus are denied to perform Durga idol immersion. This is happening in Mamata Banerjee’s West Bengal; Have you forgotten this?

• Gods own country is now under the control of terrorist elements. This is the condition of Kerala where Hindus are butchered on a daily basis by Pinarayi Vijayan’s men. Have you forgotten this?

Indians had given India on lease to the Congress party for 65 years to rule, ruin and loot India.  But today, Indians are blaming PM Modi even though he has massively transformed India in just 3 years.

Narendra Modi is the only man who can face enemies within and even out the nation. If India wants to regain the lost glory, then it is possible only under PM Narendra Modi. Let us give him time to work for India and he will definitely not disappoint us. If we don’t give him this opportunity then definitely either Hindus should die or get converted.

Choice is ours!!!

Hansika Raj