A 22-year-old tourist is killed by the stone pelters but do you know what the “Amnesty India” said in support of the stone pelters?

Shame on traitors who defend the ones who are blood-sucking leeches and those who kill in the name of God. We Indians do not have the culture of killing our guests. Who cut the hand that feeds them? Who thrive on money sent by this country and then call for it’s destruction? It’s not for Jammu and Kashmir, it’s jihad. This is their barbaric culture.

A 22-year-old tourist named Thirumani from Chennai, Tamil Nadu who got caught in a stone pelting incident succumbed to his injuries was unfortunately killed in the Narbal area of Budgam district in Jammu and Kashmir. Thirumani was admitted to the Sher-I-Kashmir Institute of Medical Science with injuries to his nose and forehead. He was in a coma, according to reports.

The Jammu and Kashmir CM Mehbooba Mufti was seen consoling Thirumani’s father at the hospital. In a video taken from the hospital, the father can be heard telling the CM, “He came only yesterday. He was in the vehicle, people were throwing stones. It hit him here (points at head). It had hit the ear. He lost a lot of blood.”

Right after the incident the former CM of Jammu & Kashmir and the present leader of opposition, Omar Abdullah was seen tweeting this:

We’ve killed a tourist by throwing stones at the vehicle he was travelling in. Let’s try and wrap our heads around the fact that we stoned a tourist, a guest, to death while we glorify these stone pelters & their methods.

While let me clear that “Thirumani” was not a terrorist. He was just a tourist who had come to visit Jammu and Kashmir, who would have never thought in his dreams that he would be a prey to this unfortunate incident there.

Hey AIIndia

Since you are online & tweeting against J&K police personnel accidently hitting a stone pelter, One small tweet please on a 22-year-old innocent Tourist from Tamil Nadu who got killed by these stone pelters

Cancel the amnesty to stone pelters and treating them like terrorists is the right thing to be done. Law and order must function machinery to shoot them at the site. If anybody indulges in stone pelting on Armed forces when they are on duty and busy in an encounter with terrorists. There should be absolutely no mercy for traitors in this country.

These Anti-Indian fascists and Islamist Jihadi’s who waged war against my country should be considered as India’s enemies and should not be shown any mercy. This is the punishment they deserve from a whole of the country. Don’t you think the Government of Jammu and Kashmir along with Mehbooba Mufti releasing even third time offenders of stone pelting is responsible for this murder?

At the end, moral of the story is these pelters were pelting stones with a purpose to obstruct operation while security forces engaged with terrorists. It’s obvious that this pelter had the mindset same as the terrorists. These acts of violence in Jammu and Kashmir have become usual now.

Why do you waste time with such organization, Amnesty and Human rights commission work on commission basis for terror organizations they will not take up issues of common people, these NGO’s are sold out for monetary terms.

1)Stone Pelters attacking Jawans

2) Attacking Tourist Buses

3) Attacking School Bus

4) Today, Killed a Tourist from Chennai.

Still, Human Rights activists don’t want Pellet Guns against these Radicals. And, Shame on Govt (HMO) who approved amnesty relief to 3,685 Stone Pelters.

I just want to ask that the people who supported stone pelters said they are innocent youngsters. Would you take responsibility of the death of tourist from Chennai? Why don’t any of the secular journalists visit his home? One Tamil channel reports that due to fight( stone pelting ) between the army and the protesters the tourist succumbed. To what extent can they stoop down? All these traitors who have the guts to talk behind their backs, all these have to serve the nation in defense and experience and pain and struggle that they go through.

There should be a provision of punishment for Stone pelting on Indian army and any citizen by Indian Government, this is a very serious issue, they are using stone for killing, what’s there mental status? Or is it the confidence that no action will be taken against them?

Being a human, if one does not have humanitarian nature towards other humans, he/she never deserves such humanity and mercy to be spared. Strict action must be taken, such that, the result of such action shall be noted down by every criminal trying to offend the Indian Army.

The point is, in India fundamental rights are blatantly misused! They were not introduced in the constitution as are used now by some radicals! We need to look at China once! We have literally compromised with growth for freedom and now we are compromising with our own security and sovereignty!


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