A Bengali Hindu ripped off the Pakistani who asked, “how can I help my Bengali brothers in West Bengal to get freedom from India?”

I went through a very interesting conversation today. It was among a Pakistani and an Indian. The question was by a Pakistani and the answer came from a true Indian. It was quite interesting to read what the person had to reply. Let’s read what it was all about. The question goes like this…

As a Pakistani, how can I help my Bengali brothers in West Bengal to get freedom from India?

The answer in return was this…

I am the Bengali brother you’re talking about, and I’m touched to see how concerned you are for me.

Let me tell you a secret, ‘brother’. We don’t need your concern. We don’t need independence from India, we ARE Indians. Our forefathers ran for their lives after partition to be in India. We stand proudly with 1.3 billion Indians and sing the National Anthem, which was also written by one of our Bengali brothers.

On a completely unrelated note, do let me know what I, as an Indian can do to help my Balochi brothers in Balochistan to get freedom from Pakistan. Should we do it ’71 style? Do let me know.


This is what the Indian had to say in return… I am sure, it got you Goosebumps throughout it. We Indians are proud to be a part of our country. We Indians are proud to reside as a citizen in our nation. Maybe the Pakistani’s are in a plan to run away from their butcher nation but we are in no such plan. Our country respects women… our country respects its children… our country respects its soldiers… above all our country respects humans.

Let the Pakistani’s think of rescuing their own countrymen rather than worrying about Indians. We Indians are in a much safer place and living a peaceful life unlike the everyday fear experienced by the citizens of Pakistan.

Pakistan you better concentrate on solving your problems first…

Pakistan now has been surrounded by frequent issues but not limited of them such as substructure, inadequate refined resources, unfertile or obsolete factories and know how about new technology, imposed battles at Kashmir and other facades poverty, inflation and many other undissolved issues. In spite of it being rich in raw resources thus far Pakistan is a developing country with limited development in every period due to the problems it faces.

According to an scrutiny organize and carry out by the government of Pakistan and shows that the poverty has increased approximately from 30% to 40% during the past decade. Consider that if 40% of a country’s population is earning their life below the poverty-line in which the people are deprived of basic necessities of life such as medication, food, shelter, edification and clothing are necessary to live.

Literacy is clear that those people who come under the age of 15 or above who can “read” and “write”. According to this definition, Pakistanis are officially reported to have 50% literacy rate in their country. Even for those who are called as “Literate” are only able to read and write, which in today’s skill oriented world is statically considered as illiteracy.

Corruption and political instability is the major problem of Pakistan today. It is interesting to note that due to the international interfering and skill full manner the very same people that we label as corrupt just some time ago, responsibility and reproach, come back to govern us after a couple of years again and people welcome them with open arms. This is possibly also the main reason why the political process in Pakistan is not let to flourish physically.


Overpopulation, inflation and unemployment are the major problems of Pakistan. According to accurate figures may be fine above the officially reported facts, the country has an estimated 2% growth rate which for a country of an official population of 160 Million turns out to be approximately around 3.2 Million every year.

About 40% of the population is already living under poverty line and 5.6% official facts and figures of the population are without a job, the ever-growing population of Paki`stan is just adding to the problems of the previously under pressure state.
Also with the worldwide intensifying oil prices are causing every item in the country to double and in some circumstances tripled every year.

 Terrorism-Not to forget!

Terrorism in Pakistan has become a major and highly destructive phenomenon in recent years. The whole world looks at “Pakistan, as a land of terrorists”. The main reason being an exploitation through the religious leaders and reaction of the military operations both internally as well as externally.

The post-9/11 War on Terrorism in Pakistan has had two principal elements: the government’s battle with jihad groups banned after the attacks in New York, and the U.S. pursuit of Al-Qaeda, usually (but not always) in co-operation with Pakistani forces.

In 2004, the Pakistani army launched a pursuit of Al-Qaeda members in the mountainous area of Waziristan on the Afghan border, although skeptics question the sincerity of this pursuit.

Clashes there erupted into a low-level conflict with Islamic militants and local tribesmen, sparking the Waziristan War. A short-lived truce known as the Waziristan accord was brokered in September 2006, which indicated Pakistan’s reluctance to fight Islamic militia. Terrorist attacks staged in Pakistan have killed over 35,000 people, 5,000 of which are law enforcement personnel, and caused material damage to the Pakistani economy totalling $67 billion.

So Mr. Pakistani, it’s an advice to you by Indians, think of freeing your countrymen from these entire crises. Go ahead and think about how you can give them Independence from these problems, try and think of lifting up the standards of Pakistan. Please do not worry about Indians, as we are in safe hands of our PM Modi under the shelter of our home-India.

Source: https://www.quora.com/As-a-Pakistani-how-can-I-help-my-Bengali-brothers-in-West-Bengal-get-freedom-from-India/answer/Swapnil-Sarkar-11?share=fa970355&srid=LgDC



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