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79 Member of Parliament(MP), 549 Members of Legislative Assembly (MLA) and what is so special about them is that  they all are Dalits. Prime Minister of the Country is from Other Backward Class( OBC),President  of the Country is also Dalit.This all I am telling about the party which Congress and paid media has declared as Anti Dalit Party.

Why Congress is doing all this actually? What is the purpose of Congress behind this ?

This is being done by the Congress because Congress is now fully shaken as soon they are going to lose the last state in which it is ruling .As Karnataka is  going for elections next month and Congress very well know that its end is near and it is going to get buried soon. So in order to save itself from loss Congress has started playing the Dalit Card.Congress is aware of this that the state is having 1 crore Dalits .In order to influence them Congress is playing such tactics.

Lets discuss What is  meaning of Dalit actually?

Dalit is actually created just for political benefits. As our Vedas clearly states that “There is nothing like caste, It is only Varna of person .Varna means Karma of the person and by your Karma your Varna is transformed” which implies by the deeds of the person actually  his varna is defined.Lets say you have taken birth as potter,dacoit but you became teacher,army person by your deeds and work so your varna will also be transformed”.For understanding more on this concept please watch video at Youtube of Chanakya discussion with Brahmins at the time of when Chandragupta was to be made King.

SC/ST, Dalits these all are inducted into the Constitution just with the sole purpose of playing politics.

Why there is so much hue and cry in Media and opposition now on Dalits? What is the real reason behind this ?

It is because the data of vote share which has now surfaced has revealed that the Dalits  which were earlier voting for opposition parties such as Congress,BSP,SP etc their votes has now shifted to BJP. It is because of the development done by Narendra Modi led BJP government  and the Prime Minister himself.It is the Narendra Modi government who is taking care of them and providing them all facilities such as Electricity,LPG, better roads,Adarsh Grams,Schools,Medical Expenses, Insurances, Mudra Yojna,Stand Up India and many more…..

Statistics are also revealing that in the upcoming  elections especially in 2019 almost every Dalit person will vote for BJP.This has shaken the Congress to the core and this is the reason that Congress is now using the name of B.R. Ambedkar,the same Ambedkar ji who was defeated by Congress in LokSabha elections ,whom they have never conferred Bharat Ratna award.It was only Narendra Modi BJP government  which recognized the efforts and contribution of Ambedkar  and dignified him.Congress has not done anything for him but now as Dalits vote share are being transferred so Congress is remembring him.

Who are the another crying on this issue-The Communists,The Media 

The Communist whose head is Sitaram Yechury who is Brahmin.The media propagating this agenda is paid agent of Congress.

Reality of  Dalit Propaganda

All these riots inciting violence are not being done by any caste but by Congress in the names of caste by using their own paid persons.They are just being done by the slaves of Congress.So people should not  fight with each other on basis of caste and community  and let Congress take advantage of this.

The day when people of the Nation will show Congress their actual place, our nation will be free from clutches of these foreigners and will be our “New India”. All these games are being played by Congress and paid media and person belonging to different caste and communities just for personal benefits.

Congress will never be successful in dividing Hindus now. Hindus will now never divide and will slap tightly on your face by making “Congress Mukt Bharat”

Watch the video here !!!!!

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