A Congress karyakartha reveals how Rahul Gandhi is working to ensure PM Modi’s victory in 2019!

Months ago the lady who led my party for 2 decades had said “He is my boss too – let there be no doubt about that”.

Well, Sonia Gandhi was asking us to accept her son Rahul Gandhi as our boss. Like seriously? Why should we accept any person as a boss? It would have been better if she tagged her son as a “leader” instead of boss.

Whenever I say the word boss, it echoes back to me as “dictator“. So I would like to accept Rahul Gandhi as a leader and not a boss.

Now coming to the crux of the matter, even though I am a Congress party loyalist, I want to unveil how Rahul Gandhi is secretly and openly working towards making my political enemy Mr Modi India’s PM once again in 2019.

From elections to national security, Rahul Gandhi has helped the BJP in all possible ways!

Firstly elections;

Since Rahul Gandhi took charge of my party president, we have not won even a single assembly election. Tripura, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Gujarat, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh; we have performed worst to pathetic in all these states. Yet, Rahul Gandhi thinks the nation has rejected the Modi government.

Secondly fake news;

  • India doesn’t have 100 per cent literacy rate, but even a kid knows Indians are not fools. Indians have common sense in abundance. I’m talking about the fake news spread by Rahul Gandhi.
  • Not once, not twice, but every day the social media of my party is floating new, innovative and creative fake news. Does it affect PM Modi? No, it is hampering my party’s reputation.
  • At one end Rahul Gandhi equates PM Modi to Nirav Modi just because they share the common “surname“. What can I say on this?
  • And at another end, senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh hijacks a flyover picture from Pakistan and claims that there’s no development under Modi. How can one hold Mr Modi responsible for the broken flyovers of Pakistan?

Religion card;

  • India is a secular nation and I being a Hindu know that people accept any leader irrespective of caste and creed. For that fact, the nation’s president is a Dalit.
  • So there’s no need to change one’s religion every now and then and exhibit fake love towards religious places.
  • Rahul Gandhi is playing dangerously with religion. At one end his leaders state PM Modi and Amit Shah are not real Hindus. And at another end, he sends his party lawyers like Kapil Sibal to the court with intentions to delay the construction of Ram Mandir. So he is contradicting his stands every now and then.

Insulting the Indian Army;

  • If the army claims something, then 131 crore Indians without any doubt will trust it. But Rahul Gandhi initially called the first ever surgical strike as fake, and demanded proof.
  • When the army produced proof, he played politics over it.
  • The Armed forces protected India since Nehru, Indira and are protecting during Modi and will also protect in the years to come. So never play politics over the Indian Army.

By now it is clear that Rahul Gandhi is doing more damage than good to the Congress party and is directly helping PM Modi and I can’t expect anyone to throw him from the party as he belongs to the Gandhi dynasty.

A Congress Karyakartha