A Dalit girl commits suicide after she found out that her boyfriend who disguised as Dalit, was actually a Muslim

If you think that Congress led grand alliance will fight to uphold the rights of Dalits in India, then please come out of your imaginary world. Now I’ll tell you an incident that took place few days ago where a Dalit girl committed suicide.

A 21 year old girl from Rajkot named Rinku Solanki was in love with a guy named Samir. When they fell in love, Samir said he’s a Dalit youth. But later on she found out that he belonged to Muslim community and that’s why she ended up her life.

Sub-inspector of Wankaner city police station R P Jadeja said “In his statement, Rinku’s father Dahya Solanki said that Samir had befriended Rinku while posing as a Dalit youth. However, after she came to know that Samir
was a Muslim, she broke up with him. Yet, Samir continued to harass her by threatening her. Tired of this, she decided to take the drastic step”.

It was also found out that the girl committed suicide near Sultan’s stall as it was the place where she used to meet Samir. R P Jadeja added “She came to the stall and called up Samir and asked him to come there. When Samir arrived at the spot, he found Rinku hanging. However, when we reached there, we did not find Samir, but his family members were over there. They had laid down Rinku’s body on a cot and told us that she had committed suicide”.

Muslim youth was harassing the girl; Is this a murder?

We cannot conclude that this was a suicide. Yes, girl’s father Dahya Solanki said that this might be a case of murder by strangling to death. A question that haunts us is what were the family members of Samir doing at the location? On this the police said “Only after the PM report comes out, will it be ascertained whether Rinku was murdered or she had committed suicide. Meanwhile, we have launched a manhunt for Samir”.

On 18th December a 15- year-old Dalit girl named Sanjali was burnt to death by two bike-borne men in Agra district of Uttar Pradesh. Soon after this incident hit the headline, few of the Modi abusers started to attack the Modi government and even Yogi Adityanath. But later on the police revealed that her own cousin brother Yogesh and his friends were behind the crime.

Since decades, the weaker communities in India were misguided by Congress party just for their political greed. Hope the guilty will be behind bars at least in this case.

Hansika Raj