A Date With An Air Warrior!!! Yesterday a MiG-21 Fighter Jet pilot lost his life, but inspired millions even in his death

About 47 year ago, during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, an Indian naval officer showed to the world why he loves his ship than anything else. Captain Mahendra Nath Mulla was the captain of the INS Khukri and unfortunately on the night of 9 December 1971, INS Khukri was hit by a torpedo fired by an enemy submarine, PNS Hangor.

This incident took about 64 kilometres off Diu and very soon the ship started to sink. At this crucial time, in order to save his men Captain Mulla handed over even his safety equipment to his sailors and became a reason to save as many men as possible. Note that he could have saved himself.

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But he couldn’t rescue his 176 sailors and 18 officers. Even though Captain Mulla had a chance to save his life, he opted to go down with his men into the graves of the Arabian Sea.

Captain Mullah was posthumously awarded with the Maha Vir Chakra. Major General (retd) Ian Cardozo, an infantry commander once said “He taught us not only how to live, but how to die”.

India is a land of heroes and they take birth frequently. A very similar story to that of Captain Mulla has taken place where the pilot of the Indian Air force didn’t jump off his fighter jet, instead opted to remain in his MiG until it reached a place where no humans lived. Unfortunately, he lost his life.

As a routine sortie, a MiG-21 fighter jet had taken off from Pathankot air base on Wednesday. But soon after an hour the aircraft crashed near Kangra in Himachal Pradesh. In this tragedy Squadron Leader, Meet Kumar from the Indian Air Force (IAF) lost his life.

What the officer did in his last few moments of his life was indeed great. Instead of ejecting from the aircraft, he steered the aircraft from the civilian area towards the fields so that others won’t lose their lives in the accident.

Soon after this accident, the Indian Air Force released a video titled “A Date With An Airwarrior” that was shot on Squadron Leader Meet Kumar. The video gives us a glimpse on the bonding between the brave soul Meet Kumar and the aircraft. In the video, he is seen revealing that he had spent more time with the aircraft than his wife.

Watch!!! A Date With An Airwarrior

Here is the transcript of his statement:
“My name is Squadron Leader Meet Kumar. I am posted to 18 Squad. I have been flying this beautiful machine called MiG-21.”
“This machine is a multi-role aircraft wherein it can undertake any sort of missions. This aircraft is, particularly for a high landing speed. Every landing is different. On this aircraft, we have a 57 mm rocket. We can carry high-calibre and low calibre bombs. The aircraft is capable of carrying 8 bombs at a time and when you are flying this aircraft, you feel none other than God.”

“The bond that I share with this machine is very rare. It is more than my wife. We know each other very well. I have spent more time with this machine than my wife.”

Source: Zee News


Hansika Raj