A day has come where the most powerful former Finance Minister of India is running for anticipatory bail in the Aircel-Maxis Scam fearing arrest!

Ten years back, who could have imaged that one of the most powerful families of Indian politics and one of the close aide of Gandhi-Nehru dynasty would be running for a bail fearing arrest. All thanks to Dr Swamy and Modi government who are literally making corrupts run for cover.

There were times when people believed that no one could ever touch people like P Chidambaram, Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi. But now, the hard truth that no one is above law is being proved. Probably, after the Gandhi family, if there is anyone who have looted India to an extent that the country’s economy turned upside down, then it is P Chidambaram’s family. This man who was the Finance Minister and Home Minister of India during the Congress government is said to have misused the office striking deals between big companies getting huge kickbacks.

The Aircel Maxis was also a similar deal in which the P Chidambaram family is said to have got over Rs 600 crore as kickbacks. Last month, the Enforcement Directorate charged P Chidambaram and his family in the money laundering case. The ED is said to have collected enormous documents which shows P Chidambaram’s involvement in money laundering. Fearing arrest, P Chidambaram moved Supreme Court for an anticipatory bail after which the Supreme Court has given him an interim relief for a week till June 5th. The Supreme Court asked the ED to respond to the charges on June 5, and directed ED not to take any action until then.

But P Chidambaram knew that all doors are being closed for him and it is just a matter of time that he sees himself behind bars.

Aircel-Maxis Scam

The Aircel company owned by C Sivasankaran was providing 2G services in India was forced to be sold to a Malaysian company called Maxis owned by Ananda Krishnan, a Malaysian citizen claiming all 100% stake. (No company can sell an Indian company to a foreign authority giving 100% share which violates the FDI norms of the Government of India).

This deal was done by then telecom minister Dayanidhi Maran on the orders of P Chidambaram. Maxis in return allegedly made investments worth 600 crore in Maran family-owned Sun TV in 2007. Swamy alleged that “P Chidambaram ensured that the Foreign Investment Promotion Board clearance (FIPB) on Aircel- Maxis deal would be cleared, only if his son Karti P Chidambaram-controlled company gets share in Sivakumar’s Aircel Televenture Ltd to share the booty from Maxis.”

The Supreme Court had earlier asked Swamy to provide all proofs against him, after which Swamy released documents which showed there was Rs 60,00,00,00,00,000 (6 Lakh crore) loss to the Nation due to Aircel Maxis deal. Dr Swamy revealed all the details of how P Chidambaram and his son Karthi Chidambaram have diverted all the funds to international bank accounts and violated the Prevention of Money Laundering Act. (PGurus Report)

Now, the most powerful man in the Congress is running for a bail fearing arrest. These people who enjoyed power for 10 years and looted people’s money are now facing their Karma of going behind bars. Definitely, the hard work of Dr Swamy is now yielding results and all corrupts are just steps away from going to jail. Despite enormous pressure, the sincere efforts of Modi government should be noted here. He is definitely sticking to his words of punishing corrupts like he had said in his 2014 campaign.

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