A frustrated Congress karyakartha writes an open letter to Rahul Gandhi and reminds him what his grandmother did 4 decades ago!

Well, my party president Rahul Gandhi has finally spoken, unlike Mr Manmohan Singh who loves to be on “silent mode”. I thought you had escaped to Italy after the disastrous defeat in Karnataka but you are really a daredevil. A daredevil–under whose leadership the Congress party lost elections in Gujarat, Himachal, Tripura, Nagaland, Meghalaya and now in Karnataka state– has said that BJP’s attempt to formulate a government in Karnataka is a “mockery of our Constitution” and “India will mourn the defeat of democracy”.

I liked the words spoken by your “boneless tongue” but let me say you that you have insulted your own grandmother, knowingly or unknowingly. Mr Rahul Gandhi, even before your arrival on this earth, your grandmother Indira Gandhi had put the democracy into shame, not once but again and again.

Like a gift to you, she intensified her contribution towards “mocking the democracy” after you were born. Yes, Rahul Gandhi, will you take up the courage to say to the world that your grandmother holds the record of imposing the most number of President’s rule upon state governments?

“If dictatorship was a profession, your grandmother was a Picasso of it”. During Indira Gandhi’s tenure as India’s Prime Minister, she had imposed President’s rule for a total of fifty times, the number is even bigger than your age, Mr Rahul Gandhi. On June 12, 1975, the Allahabad High Court had pronounced its verdict and convicted Indira Gandhi of electoral malpractices. Justice Sinha disqualified her from Parliament and imposed a six-year ban on her holding any elected post. But to stop herself from undergoing through this embarrassing situation, she imposed the Emergency in India, which continued for 21 months from June 25th, 1975 to 1977.

“The respondent no. I (Indira Gandhi) was thus guilty of a corrupt practice under section 123(7) of the Act…..accordingly stands disqualified for a period of six years from the date of this order…”

The above were the words of Justice Sinha but Indira Gandhi filed an appeal with a vacation judge of the Supreme Court and she succeeded in getting a conditional stay on Justice Sinha’s verdict on June 24, 1975. But the verdict debarred her from taking part in parliamentary proceedings and draw a salary as an MP. This was absolutely a shameful thing for Prime Minister. But Indira Gandhi, instead of resigning, imposed Emergency the very next day. Rahul Ji, didn’t you feel democracy was a threat at that time?

Mr Rahul Gandhi, today you had said “Aisa Pakistan me hota hai (such things happen in Pakistan)”. Why didn’t you feel ashamed of your grandmother’s deeds of mocking the democracy? Ohh sorry, I forgot that you were a kid when your grandmother carried out such atrocities. When Indira Gandhi was India’s Prime Minister from 1966-77 and 1980-84, she had imposed President’s rule fifty times.

Between 1966 and 1977, she had imposed President’s rule exactly 39 times. Was it right to throw a state government that was elected by the voters of that particular state? India is a democratic nation but your grandmother suspended the democratic rights of the Indians when she got a clue she will land in trouble.

Many people, including our own party members, call you as “pappu” but I don’t follow them. Mr Rahul Gandhi, I have seen you roaming and shouting in India and even in foreign countries that jobs are not created under the Modi government. We, Congress workers, trusted you and circulated this news in WhatsApp but later we came to know that it was a lie promoted by you and your team. Thanks for pushing the Congress party workers into an embarrassing situation.

But did you even know that when your grandmother had imposed Emergency 20,000 workers in multinational companies were laid off in the initial months and in the first year of Emergency about 700,000 workers were laid off?

Indians are known for two things, one is for their intelligence and another is for their vast population, which is an X-factor of the Indians. But during the Emergency imposed by your grandmother, as many as 6.2 Million Indian men were sterilised. This was such a brutal act that it was 15 times more than the men sterilised under the Hitler’s regime. Needles to mention that it was a forceful sterilisation.

Indira Gandhi imposed MISA (Maintenance of Internal Security Act)– Lalu Yadav named her daughter as Misa Barti as a symbol of protest against your grandmother– and arrested lakhs of people including journalists, scholars, activists, opposition political party members. But today, when a case is registered against a pseudo-historian Ramachandra Guha for spreading lies against RSS and BJP, you feel that press freedom is under threat.

Once I asked my political rival, a BJP karyakartha, “why do you hate Indira Gandhi and her Congress to the core?“. The answer he gave to me brought tears in my eyes. He said that during the 21 months of emergency, innocent RSS karyakarthas, who didn’t even commit any crime other than being patriotic, were arrested and tortured in jails. Women were harassed and assaulted, but Indira Gandhi being a woman didn’t feel sorry. I was convinced by his justification.

Soon after Mr Narendra Modi became India’s PM, he said that he wants to take the nation in the path of progress along with the opposition parties. But when Indira Gandhi was the PM, she did the exact opposite. She jailed the opposition leaders like JP Narayan, AB Vajpayee, LK Advani, and this was totally against the spirit of this democratic nation. Just imagine what would have happened if you and your mother was jailed by the Modi government?

Since last few hours, I have seen your loyalists roaming around claiming that BJP is involved in horse trading so that they could reach the majority mark. I don’t know whether the BJP leaders are doing it or not, but Rahul Gandhi, I know that your grandmother had executed horse trading in 4 states-Karnataka, Sikkim, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh- with the help of her trouble-shooters like Yashpal Kapoor.

Let me tell you, Rahul, the people of Karnataka have voted against the Congress and have reduced us from 122 seats to just 78. So let us respect the mandate and allow the BJP to form a government, instead of creating a drama which is against the constitution too.

I voted for the Congress party for almost two decades but now you have deceived me, Rahul Gandhi, not just me but even to the entire Kannadigas by joining hands with our arc rival JD (S). We don’t want you to beg support of other party to come to power. The people have given the mandate and just accept it instead of being over greedy to power. I have to rethink on my decision of running behind your dynasty party and I am really ashamed to say that I voted for Congress party for almost 20 years.


A frustrated Congress party worker