A Hindu activist in Tamil Nadu hacked to death hours after he opposed the conversion activity in his locality

A shocking incident has taken place in Tamil Nadu where a Hindu named Ramalingam has been brutally hacked to death just a few hours after he had opposed the conversion activities carried out by the Muslims in Kumbakonam.

A police officer at the Thiruvidaimarudhur police station said that the police are suspecting that the murder took place after he had a verbal argument with a group of Muslims who had visited his colony to preach Islam. Ramalingam, who was aged 42 years was an activist of an organisation named Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK).

Soon after the murder took place, the situation in the area is tensed and around 250 police personnel have been deployed in Kumbakonam in Thanjavur district. On 6th February a group of men had attacked Ramalingam and soon he was rushed to the hospital but he died before reaching the hospital due to excessive bleeding.

A police officer said “There is a habit among the Muslims in the town to visit the localities dominated by the people from their community and preach about the religious practices and the greatness of Allah. Generally, the ones who visit the villages restrict themselves to the Muslim-dominated areas only”.

Hours before his murder, Ramalingam was seen a video arguing with a group of Muslim men who had visited his colony to convert the Hindus. During the argument, Ramalingam had removed the skull cap from one of the Muslim and wore on his head and later he put vibhuti on a Muslim’s forehead. This he did to prove that he has no hatred to other religions, but he won’t let conversion happen.

He had even said “Hindus are never anti-Muslims. We worship our God, you worship your Allah. I’m ready to come to the mosque and get involved in prayer. Will you accept a Hindu god? Will you eat the food offered to a Hindu God? We are ready to live together and live together. But you are dividing the people”.

Further stressing that this murder took place because Ramalingam argued with the clerics regarding conversion, a police officer said “Ramalingam had, coincidentally, gone into the street to pick up a few men who were working for him, in his catering business. When he saw the group of Muslims speaking about Islam there, he raised questions and as those men retaliated, an altercation ensued. The issue was also sorted out by the Muslim clerics in the afternoon. However, it seems that the men still harboured ill-feelings towards Ramalingam”.

Hansika Raj