A journalist who writes for NDTV equates ‘Urdhva Pundra’, a tilak with ‘vagina’ and gets ripped apart!

If hatred could be measured, Mount Everest would be put to shame a gazillion times because of these secularists and Anti-Hindu brigade in India. Their motive is not just shaming PM Modi and his BJP party but also trying to defame Hinduism to the core. It has become their ultimate agenda these days.

“The world outside is always a reflection of what you have inside of you”. It just shows the level of obsession one has within him/her.At times it bursts out with total force without keeping the level of dignity one must maintain.

It is this Journalist lady Mitali Saran, who broke all bars of shame and did not think a minute before she could put Hinduism to shame. Yesterday she referred to the ‘Urdhva Pundra’, the tilak worn by followers of the Hindu sect Vaishnavism to show they are the devotees of Vishnu, as a vagina! Mitali is known to write columns for NDTV. 

I wonder all these women who feel inadequate about their vaginas, it’s surely some psychological disorder. It is just a piece of flesh in a woman’s body. Why make an insult of it? Why make an insult of dignity of Hinduism? Hindus are being insulted by Hindus which is very shameful indeed. Is Hinduism a toy to play politics or tool to get Vote bank agenda done?

You must be thinking your intelligent and knowledgeable. But your tweet disrespecting “Urdhava Pundra” has hurt feelings of Crores of people out there who follow the belief in India. They respect the belief and follow it with utmost pride. Insulting it to this extent and that too being a women is really disgusting. These words from Mitali were deeply condemned by Twitterati and she was fried with hatred in return.

No, @mitalisaran, that’s not a vagina. It is the ‘Urdhava Pundra’, representing Vishnu and his divine consort, Lakshmi. For vagina, you may lookup the Kamakhya temple. But don’t think of visiting as they slaughter buffaloes there.

People are now demanding an FIR against her and serious actions against this act. If she can commit a crime (yes, hurting religious sentiments is a crime), she has to face the law.How can she just be so cheap minded? Its literally hard to believe how can she be this disrespectful being a woman and ignorance is highlighted in tweet where she has manipulated the Lord Hanuman picture along BJP President Amit Shah’s photo.

Why is it that pseudo Hindus like her are always mocking at Hindu customs and traditions? But then everything is forgiven later even narratives if their godfathers are willing to pay a price for it. Isn’t it so? Why different laws for these people?

We respect women because, it is beacuse of them our existence is possible, that is what our culture taught us. “Viswa Yoni” is one of the thousand names of our Lord Vishnu. Please be civilized and stop mocking woman hood and motherhood. You should be ashamed on yourself for doing this being a woman yourself.

Yes, i agree the present generation is considered to be outspoken and bold enough. But we in India still maintain the level of dignity and respect some of the aspects. Talking such things about the most followed religion and about the man who is respected by the people on the highest position is totally unacceptable. No justification can cover this up.