A Kashmiri Muslim’s tweet on PM Modi is going viral! Do you know what he said that has stunned the nation?

He is a clear politician and India needs a leader like him, to get India into the next super power economy. Even though Congress tried to plant stories in media on beef and tried to create fear among majority people of Nagaland but people rejected this idea for the Nation’s development.

PM Modi halts victory speech midway for Azaan, dedicates BJP win to ‘martyred’ cadres

While addressing party workers at the newly built BJP headquarters in New Delhi following the triumphant performance in Tripura, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday halted his speech as soon as the sound of Azaan (Islamic call to prayer) from a nearby mosque floated in. He resumed his speech once the Azaan got over.

Politics is an art which consists many colours in it, it has its own language, which is communicated to the public through signals and symbols. Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, is absolutely well versed in this art, like any genuine politician.

Since the time he became the Prime Minister of India, Modiji is continually moving towards achieving the image of a Statesman using the sign language highly efficiently. In the last three days in the country’s capital, Delhi, PM Modi has given two major indications that Modi is now trying to get out of the ‘chieftain of the Hindu heart’.

Ek hi dil hai, Kitni baar jeeto gai Narendramodi ji. PM Modi halted /Pauses his speech as soon as the sound of Azaan was heard during his speech at BJP headquarters and didn’t speak a word till Azaan was finished.

Earlier in March 2016, PM Modi had taken a similar pause while addressing a rally on his maiden campaign for the West Bengal assembly polls. In his speech, Modi also heaped praise on the BJP’s stupendous growth in Tripura. “It is a journey from no one to number one, from ‘shoonya to shikhar’ (zero to pinnacle),” he said, adding that his government worked overtime to remove the “sense of alienation” that the people of Northeast had previously.

He also took a dig at the Congress, saying that the grand old party was never as diminished as it is now. “The Congress party has shrunk to its lowest ever size ever. There is a lesson to be learned from this for other political parties, especially the BJP. We must not let ‘Congress culture’ creep in our party,” Modi said before concluding his speech. With Tripura and Nagaland in its kitty, the BJP now rules over 21 of 29 states, while the Congress remains in power only in four states.

Azam Khan showers praises on PM Modi for pausing victory speech for Azaan

Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan is always in the headlines for his controversial remarks against BJP leaders and PM Narendra Modi. But this, the senior SP leader surprised everyone after he praised Prime Minister for pausing his speech during Azaan.

A video of Azam Khan fervently admiring PM Modi is doing rounds in which the Samajwadi Party leader is seen justifying and showering praises on PM Modi. Azam Khan justifies the Center and the UP government’s decision on the issue of demonetization, Beef ban, Haj subsidy and Triple Talaq.

Speaking on beef ban, he said that Muslims used to eat rotten meat. Modiji strictly stopped the meat consumption and Muslims benefited greatly from it as people save money and on the other hand, the health is good as no one is falling sick and the doctors who were rich with their money no longer have a patient.
While praising the Prime Minister, he said, “I do not know how many times it has been written in the Quran that you should get the knowledge”. The Prime Minister had recently said in number saying that it has been said so often in the Quran that read.

The Prime Minister also said that, “I want to see the Muslims children to have Quran in one hand and the Science on the other hand. Sir Sayyed said the same thing. The only difference is Sir Sayyed’s beard was bigger and prime minister has slightly smaller.”

Dedicating the historic victory in Tripura to “martyred” BJP workers, PM Modi asked cadres assembled there to observe two minutes silence to pay tribute to them. “So many BJP karyakartas have sacrificed their lives. The Left party has received a befitting reply for spreading ‘Bhay’ and ‘Bhram’ among people in Tripura,” Modi said.

BJP consolidated its position in the country’s northeast after a landslide election victory in Tripura, ending 25 years of communist rule in the state. The saffron party, in alliance with NDPP, also made inroads into the Christian-dominated state of Nagaland.

To all those people who say his politics is fake, trust me just the way it’s hard to smile/laugh when you are unhappy inside and maintain a grave face when you are happy…. As a public speaker when your mind is engaged with a number of thoughts, it is difficult to really do such an act without having positivity within you…it needs a certain level of presence of mind and positivity… Proud to have such a PM…

Source: Economic Times