A lady who jeopardized the lives of our soldiers posting pictures, whose name was heard in Radia tapes, doesn’t have to give lectures on journalism!

If there is anyone who has lost morality to speak about Journalism ethics, it is Barkha Dutt. She is one person who misused her power and position and misleads the entire country with her fake stories.

No one can ever forget how Barkha Dutt had jeopardized the lives of our soldiers and country by posting pictures of BSF soldiers on Twitter. She had literally publicized all the patrol positions of our soldiers after which she was criticized badly on social media. One cannot forget how NDTV had revealed the logistic information of Indian army during an encounter operation in Kashmir. The NDTV also faced one day ban which was however lifted later.

Who can forget what Barkha Dutt did during Kargil war? Army chief General Malik who led the army in 1999 during the Kargil war had quoted specifically in his book that Barkha Dutt had revealed classified information during her live coverage. Jay Bhattacharjee had put out complete facts as to how our jawans were killed just 5 minutes after Barkha Dutt revealed the positions. A case was also booked against Barkha Dutt after her irresponsible reporting during Kargil.

Her ill intentions doesn’t end there, but went to an extent of calling terrorist Burhan Wani son of an innocent head master. She has always stood for terrorists calling them innocent, misguided youths and defended their acts. But she had no problem to ridicule the Indian Army for performing their duty and saving the country from terrorists.

To her credit, she got appreciation from most wanted terrorists, Hafiz Saeed himself.

This same lady now ridicules Republic TV and Arnab Goswami for calling PostCard News for a debate. Yesterday, the PostCard had represented itself in a debate against the Lynching of two youth in Assam over a fake post. The PostCard news defended the fact that fake news can lead to violence, killing and riots which was opposed by many panellists.

But seems like Barkha Dutt is watching more Republic TV these days than her once own channel NDTV. She is very much angry that PostCard news was invited for the debate and tweeted against it.

Take a look!

But the irony is the same lady doesn’t speak a word on Radia Tapes, the same lady doesn’t tell what was her role in NDTV frauds which was exposed by Subramanian Swamy just few months back. She doesn’t speak about the Rs.2030 crores ($304 million) and Rs.640 crores ($96 million) which was transferred into NDTV accounts through fraudulent means using NDTV’s UK registered company NDTV Networks PLC (NNPLC) to transfer money in which Prannoy Roy, Barkha Dutt, Vikram Chandra and Sonia Singh are major share holders.

With all these records, does Barkha Dutt has moral right to question anyone? She should first tell why did terrorist Hafiz Saeed praise her in an interview. How can a man who wants to destroy India finds similar ideology in Barkha Dutt and goes on tell “India main Barkha Dutt jaisey log bhee maujood hain bohot acchey baat karneywaley bhee maujood hain (In India good journalists like Barkha Dutt are also present and there are many who make sense)”.

When the entire country knows how Barkha Dutt has defended terrorists, the praise from Hafiz Saeed would tell a different story. So, it is better Barkha Dutt keeps her pseudo opinions within herself and stop giving lectures to others about fake news and journalism ethics. It is very clear that she has lost all respect and support and knows her opinions doesn’t reach beyond her elite Lutyens group. No true nationalist would require lectures from a person like Barkha Dutt.

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