A Lesson for Aamir and ilk To Remember!

Last week defence minister was under attack by a bunch of pseudo liberals and secular parties for his comment “India taught a good lesson to those people who spoke against the country”.  Mr. Parrikar has in fact spoken the truth and expressed the emotion of a true Indian.

Everybody remembers ten months back Aamir Khan and his wife suddenly thought India wasn”™t safe for them after spending 50 years in this country, taking all benefits, making huge sum of money, name and fame. Did they suddenly get this idea after 50 years or was it just a planned outrage to help his political friends from congress?? What was the intolerance that Aamir Khan faced? was he heckled by goons, was he and his family attacked?  His wife had categorically said their children are unsafe in India, how often did Aamir Khan”™s children play on streets? Was the millionaire more insecure than thousands of people who live on streets day and night?

With more than 3 bodyguards protecting him every time he steps out of house….I say common people should be more scared of such people.

Following his irresponsible remark, the people of India had given him a befitting reply by boycotting all the products from snapdeal for which Aamir Khan was the brand ambassador. Snapdeal lost almost 50,000 customers in a span of 3-4 days. Snapdeal later had to remove Aamir Khan as the ambassador and refused to renew his contract further.

Aamir Khan who wanted to leave India suddenly changed his tone after he felt the heat. He gave a statement that “My words were twisted and I had no intention of leaving India“. It makes us realize that MONEY is the language these people understand. If you love your country, you do not insult it. You do not make a comment based on false stories of intolerance. If India was to be branded intolerant over one fake issue, then should we brand the people of one religion that has carried out numerous terror attacks?? The wife of Lance Nayak Hanumanthappa who died in Siachen told she was proud of her husband who died protecting the country and will send her daughter to military…Isn”™t this true love for the country?

You may be a hero in your movies, you may pose yourself as a perfectionist…But if you do not have 1% of those values in your real life, you are not worth for that respect! You do not become big by complaining about problems, you grow big when you solve them. Nana patekar should be applauded for being a REAL hero in LIFE and helping thousands of drought hit farmers, something Aamir Khan should learn.

It is loud and clear that there was nothing wrong in what Parrikar said, those who speak against their own country after enjoying all luxuries, MUST BE TAUGHT A LESSON!

India would strongly stand behind anyone who supports it, but would not forgive those who shame the country!!!

Aishwarya S