A political party which is close to Congress says it will stop anti-terror ops by Indian Army if voted to power

Past few days have been a tough time for both Pakistani terrorists intruding into Indian borders and our Indian Armed forces knocking out the uninvited ones from harming Indians. During the recent times there has been a repeated number of success tour on part of Indian Armed Forces, thus proving their ability time and again. The present NDA Government has made sure no single incident by the terrorist troop disturbs India and its residents.

According to Times Now Report, National Conference( NC) seems to be troubled after the recent success of the security forces in eliminating several Pakistani terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir. The politics of undermining India’s integrity for votes has once again come to the fore as party’s senior leader Bashir Ahmed Veeri said that if National Conference comes to power in the state, it will not allow Armed forces to conduct operations.  

It seems that the party has been seriously troubled by the encounters conducted by the Indian Armed Forces and they can now do anything in order to stop the BJP led Government and Indian Army from moving ahead. Bashir Ahmed Veeri said, if the Omar Abdullah led National Conference is voted to power in Jammu and Kashmir, then it will stop all the operations conducted by the Army in the state. He is the same Bashir Ahmed Veeri, who termed the anti-terrorist operations conducted by the Indian Army against Pakistan backed terrorists as a “Genocide”.

Bashir Ahmed Veeri said, “His party National Conference has always spoken of only one ideology and policy of respecting the rights and dignity of the people. Condemning the anti-terrorist operations being carried by the Indian Army, he said that the party will stand against any operations be it ‘all-out’ or ‘out-and-out’ carried out against the people of the state”.

These statements from the National Conference Leader make the point clear of what they intend to do after coming to power (if voted for). There it is Two things come out of this statement: First, Terrorists in Jammu are now feeling the heat and for the first time are facing defeat staring at them again this will put an end to militancy Secondly, Their friends like NC do not want that to happen because they do not wish to put an end to militancy and restore peace in Jammu and Kashmir.

All they wish is to stop the Armed Forces and encourage terrorism? NC will come in support of terror activities against their own people? Doesn’t this seem to be behavior influenced by Pakistan and not India? Shouldn’t one think before making these comments based on National security? Your party and your victory means more to you than your very own people? Is that what your trying to say?

According to sources, Undercover operations by the media have also revealed in the past that stone pelting and then claiming victimhood is a part of the ecosystem in the state that fans pro-Pakistan and separatist narrative. Many stones pelters had admitted that they are paid anything between Rs 5000 to 7000 a month and given shoes and clothes to throw stones at Indian security personnel.

It is quite sad that NC and its leaders are not ready to come out of this attitude of theirs and we have no clue what conditions will Jammu and Kashmir suffer, if this repeats the same in future. It is always not about a party or a particular Government. At times National Safety and restoring peace in the country is also that matters the most.

Source: Times Now