A powerful person threatened Gauri Lankesh with Revolver; What is the agenda behind blaming right wing organisations instead of him?

Our culture has taught us to defeat the opponent and not to kill the opponent. Yesterday, senior journalist Gauri Lankesh was murdered and this was really a tragic incident. This will instil a sense of fear among the budding journalists and at the course of time this fear will kill their natural style of journalism.

But what has shocked every sensible individual is that, a certain bunch of people, instead of expressing condolences have taken it as an opportunity. There is judiciary system and investigative agencies to probe into this murder case but who are these people trying to decide who the murderers are?

Right Wing organisations killed Gauri Lankesh?

Sparing murders from any organisation or community is wrong. A message is popping up one every news site that she was a staunch opponent of rightwing organisations and had openly criticized Hinduism for its practises. Well, everyone has a right to condemn but what is the logic in highlighting this point?

By doing this, a theory is being floated that the murderers of Gauri Lankesh are from right wing organisations. CPI also issued a statement that BJP-RSS is behind this. How can they be so sure that the murderers of Ms Gauri were from a particular organisation?

Naxal involvement is evident in this murder?

The nexus of naxalites is too hard to imagine because it is so deep rooted. Lt Col Purohit had exposed the links of naxals with Pakistan and even Dawood Ibrahim. So we can’t deny the naxal angle into this case.

Gauri Lankesh had tweeted two messages on her twitter handle which indicated that everything was not okay among their comrades. It revealed that a fight was going among themselves, which she didn’t want to happen. She ordered to focus on the enemy rather than fighting among themselves. Further, she warned not to expose each other.

Now the question is, what was the fight that was going on between themselves and who were the persons involved? Ms Gauri stressed not to expose themselves; so what was the mistake committed by her people?

Her newspapers had no advertisements, yet she paid salaries to 50 employees!!! How?

No newspaper can survive without advertisements. But it should be noted that the news tabloid run by Gauri Lankesh named “Gauri Lankesh Patrike”, a weekly has nearly 50 employees.  So those 50 employees won’t work for free of cost. How Ms Gauri managed to pay those employees?

This proves that some NGOs were funding her. There is possibility that there occurred a clash in the distribution of funds. She was a pro-naxal journalist and had called the anti-nationalist Kanhaiya Kumar and Umar Khalid as her son. So chances are high that due to a clash between their comrades, she was eliminated.

The family angle of this murder!!!

A scuffle was going on between Gauri Lankesh and her brother Indrajit Lankesh. He had openly said that his sister’s ideology is harming the image of their newspaper. This clash further escalates when Gauri parted ways as she started her own weekly news tabloid.

MS Gauri had also said that her brother once threatened with a revolver. So the clash in the family was not a “normal family clash” but had escalated beyond imagination.

Who are the murderers?

When we thoroughly analyse this case, there are many possibilities. It was even said that Ms Gauri was preparing a report on the corruptions carried out by the Karnataka Congress government. Using this logic, even Congress is a prime suspect in this case.

There are many angles in this case but few are blaming only the right wing organisations. So what does this imply? Isn’t it clear that few are using this case to corner a particular organisation or a party?

Nishika Ram