A Sikh community leader shot dead by Muslim terrorists… Pakistan lost a “True hero” in the hands of Taliban!!!

Somebody doing good not for his own self but for others in his own individual capacity and that too in an interfaith realm, ultimately met with a tragic end. There aren’t many like him though hope there will be! In Pakistan, those people aren’t acceptable who brings together different communities at one place. Which brings peace among different communities because terrorism is the big business of the state.

Similar is an unfortunate story of a Sikh community leader, Charanjeet Singh, was shot dead by the Taliban in his grocery store at the Scheme Chowk on the Kohat Road.

Sikhs seeking common ground with Muslims as having a “monotheistic religion” should remind themselves why Sikhism was started – to fight Muslims. Charanjeet Singh, leader of Peshawar’s Sikh community, was shot dead by Muslim terrorists in Pakistan.

I am sorry but a terrorist has no religion. The same terrorists murder Muslims as well – basically anyone who stands for inter-faith harmony, love and compassion. Those who love humanity are on one side, regardless of which religion they belong to. Pakistan lost a hero indeed.

52-year-old Charanjit Singh was gunned down inside his shop in Scheme Chowk area. “An attacker shot Singh inside his shop and escaped afterwards,” Superintendent of Police Sadar Shaukat Khan said. The deceased had been residing in Peshawar for decades but his family hailed from Kurram Agency. He owned a store in the metropolis for quite a long time. The murder caused panic among the community as several Sikhs have been killed in different parts of the city in the past, as reported by Daily Sikh Updates.

A strongly condemnable act, the killing of Charanjeet Singh (leader of Sikh community and a human rights activist) in Peshawar. This kind of acts distort the pluralistic image of our society and sabotage the efforts for interfaith harmony.

In this photo taken on May 29, 2018, people attend the funeral of Charanjit Singh who was a well-known member of the country’s minority Sikh community and an outspoken critic of the Taliban, in Peshawar, Pakistan. Police in Pakistan says gunmen riding on a motorcycle have shot and killed a human rights activist in the northwestern city of Peshawar, according to reports.

Who is answerable for this brutal murder of innocent human beings just because they are humanist? Why we are still paying for love, humanity, compassion and respect for others. Why still??

Pakistan will face the repercussions for all these sins very soon. Every single sinner will. Even those who knew it was wrong but stayed quiet. And I really hope that day comes because I lack any hope in the people of Pakistan or the country anymore.

Source: Dailysikhupdates.com