A small state does what others can’t! Jharkand bans PFI and breaks the spine of the terrorist sympathisers

What will be PM Modi's move?

As several other states are discussing whether to ban or not to ban the organisation which was involved in anti-national activities, a small state has already moved a step further. Yes, the Popular Front of India (PFI) has been banned by the BJP ruled Jharkhand.

“The action has been taken following a proposal of the Home Department/ police on which the Law department has also given its consent”.

This statement was released in an official issue by the Jharkhand government. “Popular Front of India started in Kerala. The members of this organisation are internally influenced by the ISIS. Inquiry by Special Branch has revealed that some members of this organisation have gone secretly to Syria from the South Indian states and (are) working for ISIS”, it added.

WATCH!!!  BJP government in Jharkhand bans Popular Front of India (PFI)

BJP government in Jharkhand has taken a bold step! Will Karnataka and Kerala government ban the PFI?

It cannot be denied that Karnataka and Kerala has been worst hit by the terror activities of PFI. But considering the elections, Karnataka CM feared to take a step that could result in the ban of PFI. Even the Kerala CM had given out a statement that he doesn’t believe in banning any organisation. In 2010, the PFI was exposed for having links with banned Islamic terrorist organisation “Student Islamic Movement of India”.

It should be noted that Karnataka Forum for Dignity (KFD) merged with PFI years ago. But KFD had kidnapped a couple of innocent Hindu kids and murdered them. Popular Front of India had active involvement in 27 murder cases, mostly of cadres of CPI-M and RSS; this was revealed by the Kerala Government in the year 2012.

Even the Christians were under hit list of these PFI goons. In January 2011, Kerala Police has filed a charge sheet against 27 PFI activists for chopping off the hand of a Kerala professor who had allegedly hurt the Muslims sentiments.

Here are few of the terror activities of the Popular front of India (PFI)!

  • Chopping off a professor’s palm in Kerala’s Idukki district.
  • Holding of a training camp in Kannur from where NIA seized swords, country-made bombs and ingredients for making IEDs
  • Murder of RSS leader Rudresh in Bengaluru.
  • The Islamic State Al-Hindi module case in which attacks were plotted in south India.

These were the 4 cases that stressed the ban of PFI which was turning dangerous for India’s internal security.

Nation wide ban on PFI?

The Central Home Ministry had intensified its probe on the PFI in the recent days. Now as the Jharkhand BJP government has initiated a ban, probably even the Modi government may ban the PFI anytime soon.

“The outfit has squads of trainers and experts in making crude bombs and IEDs, an intelligence wing…and action squads to run unlawful and violent activities. It has clandestine training centres…where training in martial arts and indoctrination is given”, this was mentioned in the dossier of the NIA. “PFI had consistently been indulging in actions detrimental to overall national security”, the NIA added.

Source: Times Of India

Hansika Raj


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