Aam Aadmi Party heading towards a major split? Huge crisis erupts within the party before Delhi civic polls!

Just after a humiliating defeat in Goa and Punjab elections, the AAP is now facing another crisis which seems to have become unbearable to Arvind Kejriwal. The party which claimed to win over 100 seats in Punjab and 30 seats in Goa could not even save their deposit and faced huge embarrassment.

Arvind Kejriwal wanted to use this election to prove himself as a National leader, but the mandate of the people gave a clear signal that he is not allowed in any other state than Delhi.

While the AAP is now focusing on Delhi civic polls and desperately want to win the elections, Aam Aadmi Party is facing considerable internal strife that many think could split the party. Many people in the party are totally dissatisfied with Kejriwal’s functioning style and his authoritarian views. Just few days back, AAP member Ved Prakash left AAP and joined BJP.

Now, another four AAP MLAs are learnt to be in talks with the Congress. Things could get worse for the party that faced a drubbing in Punjab recently as there’s a strong speculation that over 30 other AAP MLAs could be switching camps.

The Economic Times reported that at least four AAP MLAs have been in contact with senior Congress leaders, including Digvijaya Singh recently, in a bid to join the party. They have also assured the support of 31 other AAP MLAs who are believed to be waiting in the wings and the paperwork has been forwarded to PC Chacko, general secretary in charge of Delhi affairs.

When the AAP members were questioned, they refused to comment on their links with Congress. Of AAP’s 67 MLAs in Delhi, many have also turned rebels. Among them are Devinder Sehrawat, Pankaj Pushkar and former ministers Sandeep Kumar and Asim Ahmed Khan.

Seelampur MLA Mohd Ishraq conceded that he had met some local Congress leaders few days back, but he refused to comment whether he would be joining the Congress soon. Another MLA Timarpur MLA Pushkar has not quit the party but has been openly campaigning for Yogendra Yadav’s Swaraj Abhiyan which is in the fray this time.

Sehrawat on the other hand is seeing major crisis with party chief Kejriwal since last year and was even suspended from the party’s primary leadership last year. Kumar, who was a social welfare minister in the Delhi cabinet, was suspended after a sex tape involving him emerged and Asim Ahmad Khan was sacked in October 2015 after his involvement in a bribery case. He was environment and food and supplies minister.

AAP has put out 272 names for MCD elections, but later it removed 14 names after many internal fights.

But the funny part is Kejriwal still continues his arrogant way of functioning and is blaming BJP for the split in the party. He has been accusing BJP of ‘tod-phod ki rajneeti’ (Split politics) but has made no attempt to correct himself.

According to many people in the party, kejriwal is very arrogant and has no patience to listen to anyone. In fact, many times there were severe clashes between Kumar Vishwas and Kejriwal and Vishwas had many times expressed his wish to quit the party.

There were also many reports saying that after Punjab debacle, Manish Sisodia and Kejriwal had a bitter spat and many believed that Sisodia will split the party very soon. AAP cadre thinks that Yogendra Yadav was a better leader than Kejriwal and party would have progressed under his leadership.

Well, Kejriwal definitely deserves this treatment. His extreme arrogance, abusive attitude is definitely not well received by people. Apart from crisis within the party, Kejriwal is facing major anti incumbency and people in many parts of Delhi are upset for not keeping his poll promises which has given Kejriwal sleepless nights!

Aishwarya S