Aam Aadmi Party’s mouth piece “Janta Ka Reporter” caught spreading fake news about Postcard News; When his lie was exposed, he tendered a flimsy apology

The fight between the left wing and right wing is not new. The fight between the left wing media and right wing media is well known too. But not many know, the left wing media, is obsessed with right wing media.

This obsession, in the words of the so called Left liberal Intellectuals, is called “Exposing The Lies”. So these upholders of truth religiously follow Postcard News, of course hoping to get a chance to bring the site down. They are whole heartedly supported by the likes of Swati Chaturvedi, Shashi Tharoor, Digvijay Singh and many more.

Now what we assume to be obsession, could also be paranoia and insecurity, since Post Card is garnering support from the likes of you all. These intellectuals look for every opportunity to campaign against us and till now have miserably failed. First, failure and on top of it, the embarrassment at being caught red handed when bogus article was posted.

These people are so eager to see us fail, they don’t even bother to verify their information before posting it. The same thing happened when someone informed Rifat about Post Card being suspended on twitter. Without bothering to verify, he wrote an article about PostCard news being suspended and the other imbecile leaders retweeted it too.

After an hour or two, Rifat realised he had goofed up and had tweeted in haste. He realised Post Card very much existed on twitter and FB and that it had not been taken down (much to his disappointment). Like a beaten monkey, he posted a flimsy apology on FB/Twitter.

Rupa Murthy