An Aam Aadmi’s letter to the Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal!

Me? I’m your regular Bharatiya house-wife ji. House-wife? That woman who sits glued to the T.V., watching serials and songs, and sometimes News ji. I loved TimesNow and their ‘Nation Wants to Know’. Only he (that Arnab fellow) could shout louder than my husband. Then suddenly that stopped. Oh I know why … In fact, Janta sab jaanti hai ji… Do you know who said that? It was none other than my favourite politician cum comedian cum boneless acrobat … Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. He has the best smile and can escape tight situation (like the boneless acrobat).

I became a fan of Mr. Kejriwal since the time he started wearing a cap & put a Topi on others too and especially with him declaring the “Jhaadoo” as the symbol of his party. And then he called his party “AAP” not “TUM” or “HUM”… so polite and respectful. In one stroke he gave respect to both, the Aadmis and the Jhaadoos (sorry Aurats). He said that he would clean the system, reduce corruption, give us free water, easy ration cards, electricity, good health & all that.

Oh he did all that – he cleaned the system alright – by going to Bangalore for treatments & Vipassana regularly, by sending Sisodia ji to foreign junkets regularly, by putting up full page advertisements in newspapers of other states regularly, he cleaned up the whole system very fast.

He reduced corruption too – by dismissing all his criminal cronies and MPs, he tried to reduce corruption in his party.

He gave us free water upto 20,000 litres. But then if we used a little more, we were charged for those 20,000 litres too. And that’s how Delhi used less water & still the water board increased their revenues. Very smart!!!

Apparently getting Ration cards were easy for every Delhi woman … but my husband said that if ever I tried to get one, he’d divorce me … so I never tried at all. So I can’t comment on that much.

Good health – ever visited the Mohalla clinics? Chaka-chak. But I wondered why so many people visited these clinics & why Mr. Kejriwal himself went elsewhere for treatment of his cough. Well, I got answer to my first question every December. Ever since Modi ji, sorry Kejriwal ji came into power, December has been a month of coughs. Revolutionary techniques like ‘Odd-Even’ also did not help. God Bless Kejriwal ji’s Mohalla clinics, else what would we have done.

But I did not understand why Modi ji’s BJP and the LG of Delhi ganged up to trouble Kejriwal ji so much. Even I thought that Modi ji was sounding uneducated … thank God Kejriwal ji asked for his graduation certificate as proof. Well done Sir ji.

But despite all this he lost the MCD polls … janta sab jaanti hai ji … it was because of the EVM machines. I really believed him. Then yesterday, one of his blue-eyed boys, Kapil Mishra said that he had seen with his own eyes, Mr. Kejriwal accepting Rs.2 crores from another party member – Mr. Jain. Now you tell me what was wrong in that? Arrey for doing party work, one needs cash. To top it so much of our cash must have gone bad because of that “demon-etization”. So we needed cash & it was very sweet of Mr. Jain to help Sir ji. And that Kapil Mishra wanted to create a scene about it. Why should Sir ji answer his questions?

Rightfully Sir ji got his party fellow to expose the corrupt BJP and their bad EVMs in the Vidhan Sabha today. Our very intelligent Mr.Bharadwaj demonstrated cleverly on a Toy EVM how any button you press, only BJP is selected. And now people are asking why we did not use a real EVM? Paagal samaj rakha hai kya? If we were to take one from the Election Commission office, they would file a case of theft against us. The whole idea was to demonstrate how it could be done. Our Sir ji & his team did just that. And every T.V. channel was so interested and impressed that they showed our demonstration unitedly. BJP was never able to get all the Channels to support them. That’s why they are so jealous and asking us stupid questions. Even Kapil Mishra knew that our Sir ji could have bought a T.V. channel. He has that much power!

And now that our Sir ji has shown how EVMs can be tampered with, the entire opposition should forthwith insist on going back to the old methods of booth-capturing, sorry, voting through paper ballots. Arrey, even Netherlands and France has rejected EVMs and they are such advanced Nations, you know. What? The population of entire Netherlands is less than the population of Mumbai & the population of entire France is less than the population of Maharashtra? So what? More people means more chance of absentee voting. Don’t bother, only Sir ji understands this – he’ll demonstrate this at the right time.

Sometimes I wonder why people don’t praise our Yug Purush – he is very misunderstood. Maybe the reason is that he doesn’t give explanations; he only believes in offensive attack, you see. But a day will come when the idea called Kejriwal & AAP will rule ‘THE India.’ After all, it took so many years for The BJP too to rule ‘THE India.’ Satyameva Jayate !!!

Jai Hind ji !!!

Rathi Hegde**