Aamir Khan wanted Phogat sister’s story to make money, but doesn’t speak a word when they are openly insulted!

Indians are obsessed with films. There is so much drama happening in our lives that we tend to connect everything with movies. Bollywood, India’s Hindi film industry comes up with over a 100 movies every year. The movies cover different topics & often present the hero as an invincible object. In reality, things are on the contrary. When it comes to nationalism or sensitive issues, most of the Bollywood celebrities either don’t speak up or end up hurting sensitivities of the common Indian. What hurts most of the fans is that stars never speak in favor of the nation when needed. Renowned Bollywood writer & lyricist recently stoked a controversy by questioning some of our prolific athletes on their educational background. He went ahead & slammed the ABVP (Akhil Bharatiya Vidya Parishad) students as goons.

Javed Akthar had questioned the educational background of the Phogat sisters (the famous wrestlers on whom the movie Dangal is based). Mahavir Phogat, their father (whose role was essayed by Aamir khan) was quick to retort. His reply & mood were in the nation’s favor. Mahavir phogat said that there is no person more knowledgeable than who decides to give his/her life for Nation.  He also painfully said that, Phogat sisters spent decades to bring pride to the country, but it did not take a minute for a person like Javed Akhtar to call them illiterate.

Javed Akthar had just made an absurd statement & he had to be answered. Many eminent personalities including Kiren Rijjeju, Minister of State, Home affairs & ace bollywood director tweeted in support of the Nation & the Phogat sisters.

Defense expert Major Gaurav Arya too tweeted in support of Babita Phogat.

Javed Akthar strongly felt for Umar Khalid & company. All the pseudo-liberals & traitors were soon up for a twitter battle. Kamaal R Khan, India’s national disaster, soon heated up things when he made snide remarks on the Phogat sisters.

Babita Phogat gave it back to KRK and said that the Incentives received by them were on merit & unlike him they had only brought laurels to the country.

KRK who has always been in the news for all the wrong reasons was not going to allow the cheap publicity to slip in.

Babita was quick to reply.

KRK crossed all limits when he targeted athletes of national repute & denounced them as ‘Do Kaudi Ka’ meaning worthless people.

Babita’s sister Geeta soon hit back at KRK

What is disturbing is that the Hindi Film Industry has never taken a stand on issues pertaining to National interest. There are very few actors & directors who speak against the dual standards prevailing in the Hindi film industry. Aamir Khan who cashed in a whopping 400 crore from Dangal at the domestic box office was nowhere to be seen when the Phogat sisters were getting trolled. He made money using their story, now when his own field Bollywood is mocking the girls publicly, he is all deaf and dumb! All these people speak well for cameras, but when it comes to real life, they dont speak a word…Real face??

Wanted their Phogat sister’s story to make money….!!!

He recently signed a new endorsement with Star Plus where he is seen promoting his daughters. But as expected, when it comes to hypocrisy Aamir khan is second to none. The industry which criticized ‘demonetization’ never highlighted the fact that Dangal was the highest grossing movie in the history of Indian cinema.

Aamir Khan’s show Satyamev Jayate was well planned & spoke about many evils prevailing in our society. But after the show, Aamir got into his own world which is only restricted to personal interest. The stars of our nation must realize that there is a life beyond movies. They cannot fake emotions all the time. They cannot exploit the sentiments of the common man who makes them –the Star. The Hindi Film Industry which spoke in favor of casting Pakistani Artists in our films was not ready to debate the personal attacks which had been hurled on the Phogat sisters. For long, we have known what is right & what is wrong. But, if we can’t stand by our soldiers & martyrs we can’t hold ourselves in high esteem. I stand with the ABVP students & anyone who speaks up for the nation. Everyone else, like Bollywood stands exposed.

Alok Shetty