AAP-Axis Bank nexus exposed : How Aam Aadmi Party illegally received Rs. 70+ Crore in ‘Hawala’ via Axis Bank

Aam Aadmi Party, the party which came into existence and swept to power in Delhi on the promise of being the “most honest” political party is now far from being an honest party. Most of its members are facing charges of sexual assaults, corruption, criminal cases, fake degrees to name a few. However, one thing the party still claimed to have high moral grounds was on the issue of political funding. It always maintained that its funding is transparent and can be verified on internet. However, various ex-AAP members, disillusioned by the corrupt practices in the party, quit the party and have exposed it.

Colonel Devinder Sehrawat, a former AAP member, has given proofs of how AAP received more than Rs 70 crore in form of hawala transactions from various ghost companies through Axis Bank. Colonel Devinder Sehrawat has tweeted photographs of two cheques, which are of Axis bank and the accounts are allegedly ‘Newly Opened’ in the Axis Bank. It will be worthwhile to remind that post demonetisation, Income Tax and ED have continuously raided various branches of Axis Bank in Delhi, leading to discovery of hundreds of fake accounts having more than 200 crore rupees.


As per the first cheque (tweet above), company called ‘Glamour Steel Private Limited’ has issued a sum of Rs 35 Crores in favor of Aam Aadmi Party. According to Col. Devinder Sehrawat the company is Bogus, with a ghost director and a fake PAN card. Upon investigation, the ‘Company Website’ can not be found. How believable is the fact that a steel company which claims to have donated a huge sum of Rs 35 crore doesn’t even have a website ? Upon further investigation on www.mycompanydir.com (a website which is directory of all the registered companies), it was found that the company ‘Glamour Steel Private Limited’ has been “unlisted” (see the screenshot attached below. It may also be verified on the above website).

The same website (www.mycompanydir.com) states that the names of the directors of Glamour Steels Private Limited, which has been unlisted, are ‘Amit Kumar Saxena’ and ‘Mukesh Kumar’. However, the story does not end here. Interestingly, when the directory of companies was checked again for Amit Kumar Saxena’s director id, it gave a shocking result. Amit Kumar Saxena had registered THREE companies on the same date as the registration of Glamour Steels Private Limited. It is beyond any comprehension why a person will open three companies that too on a same day !

More importantly, AAP gave fake details of donation from Glamour Steels Private Limited on its website. Although this particular “fake” company donated Rs 35,00,00,000 to AAP , the party reported a donation of Rs 71,000 from this particular company. This discrepancy was also discovered by Income Tax department due to which AAP got 4 summons from IT dept. AAP however did not reply to any single of the notices.

Now, let us come to the second cheque. The second cheque of Rs 35 crore is issued in favour of Aam Aadmi Party from a company known as ‘Accurate Buildwell Private Limited’. Here is the second cheque of Rs 35 crore tweeted by Colonel Devinder Sehrawat. Have a look at the cheque-


Repeating the same steps, upon investigation, it turns out that the directors of this particular company are same people that of ‘Glamour Steel Private Limited’ i.e. Amit Kumar Saxena and Mukesh Kumar. Also, this company was opened on the same day as well. So, the two cheques of Rs 35 crore each have been issued by two “delisted” companies which were opened on same day and have same set of “ghost” directors. The Signature on the first cheque was of “Kishna Kumar” while the signature on the second cheque was done by some ‘Rajesh Kumar’. The directors of the company are Amit Kumar and Mukesh Kumar. So, who are the people who signed the cheque for such huge sums ?

Now look at the two cheques closely… Isn’t the handwriting Exactly the same on both cheques issued by different companies and signed by different people ?

It must also be known that Income Tax department sent four summons to Aam Aadmi Party for not reporting donations above Rs 20,000. The summons were sent to AAP on 06 June 2016, 16 June 2016, 08 July 2016 and 07 August 2016 asking for a detailed report on donations above 20,000. However, AAP did not respond to any of the notices sent by Income Tax department. Instead, the party removed the list of donations made to the party from their website and deleted the names of all its donors. A couple of days back, Anna Hazare also wrote a scathing letter to Kejriwal saying he was extremely disappointed by corruption in AAP’s funding.

Times Now has also covered the funding scam of AAP, and exposed it completely. Watch it here

Kshitij Mohan