AAP candidates now want to return MCD election tickets and get their money back!

Aam Aadmi Party’s terrible performance in Punjab & Goa is reflecting on the upcoming MCD election. With a vote share of less than that of the Akali Dal & 95% of their candidates having lost their deposits in Goa, Arvind Kejriwal’s dream of winning the municipal polls seems far-fetched as discontentment grows amidst his candidates.

Atleast two candidates whose names were announced in the first list of candidates are vying to somehow return their tickets & get a refund of the massive amounts of money they paid to get the tickets.

These candidates fear that the recent results will have a huge bearing on the municipal polls as well. In fact, when AAP’s candidates took to the ground to campaign, they faced considerable anger from the people. Along with this, some of the party’s old volunteers were denied tickets & they too are angry with the leadership.

Arvind Kejriwal made ticket distribution a fund-raising event. There was an audio clip where an AAP leader was heard demanding a mind-boggling 2 crore rupees for a ticket from a volunteer. Because of this, unworthy people get tickets whose sole motive is to attain power & then misuse it for personal gains. Old AAP volunteers were denied tickets because they didn’t have enough funds to pay to buy tickets.

Both the candidates contacted senior leaders of AAP & expressed their desire to return their tickets & get their money refunded. But the leaders aren’t eager to do so because returning tickets at this moment will give other parties a chance to target AAP. Also by now, who knows how & where AAP has spent the money it received from the candidates?

Kejriwal was claiming 100 seats in Punjab & a majority in Goa. What he got was 24 candidates in Punjab losing their deposits & just a 6% vote share in Goa. Surprisingly, for our media every single poll, whether it’s a state poll or a panchayat election,it will be a test for Narendra Modi. But no one in the media referred to Punjab & Goa as tests of Kejriwal’s political image?

As the situation stands today, Kejriwal is nowhere close to being a national leader. He has zero presence in the South, in Manipur he supported Irom Sharmila & she got a mere 90 votes, in Delhi he’s losing support rapidly, in Punjab he has lost his base, & his presence in the Western region is nil. Kejriwal’s antics have shown the country that today’s voters are intelligent & can’t be fooled by shenanigans & anti-national rhetoric.

Vinayak Jain


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