AAP chief caught in deep trouble!!! Police Complaint has been filed against Arvind Kejriwal and self proclaimed fact checker Dhruv Rathee for making false allegations against a BJP volunteer

In a country like India, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and its chief need to keep lawyers in bunches to fight the non-ending cases. Our honourable PM always keeps telling us, it is Sabka Saath Sabhka Vikaas. Now, this is hard to digest for the opposition as well as the AAP. They just believe in following the modified Vikas!! And this modified vikas is only seen with Kejriwal, Dhruv and Mahaveer!!

Advocate Alakh Alok Srivastav on behalf of software architect and BJP volunteer Vikas Pandey, has filed a Police complaint against Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal and close aide and AAP supporter Dhruv Rathee. They have been sued for accusing Vikas Pandey of offering a bribe to one Mahavir Prasad. Vikas Pandey has claimed that these allegations are fake and these people are trying to defame him with a false case of bribe.

One more sorry is coming on its way. Accepting apologies from these people who are into never-ending blunders, is a waste of time. Make these leeches suffer and get punished is the only solution to these things. These things once forgiven will keep on repeating as such.

On behalf of my client @MODIfiedVikas Ji, filed Police Complaint against @ArvindKejriwal, @dhruv_rathee and Mahavir Prasad for spreading lies & making false allegations against Vikas Ji. Criminal & Civil Defamation cases are also being filed against above persons in Court soon.

Can we expect another apology in the line??? Dhruv Rathee must be seriously punished if found guilty. These people have taken law and order to grant in name of liberalism or secularism. None of them have the rights or can spread fake news and get away that easily.

This was very much needed step. This man Dhruv posts pure nonsense each day after the other in the name of secularism. And he does it without any proof and his master Arvind Kejriwal promotes the same bullshit that he creates. Hopefully, more skeletons will fall out now with this complaint. Why was this done? What were the intentions behind this false case, are yet to be discovered.

Vikas Pandey in his complaint states that the information shared by Rathee and Prasad is false and is causing harm to his reputation. That the accused are deliberately spreading false allegations on various social mediums with the sole intention of ‘causing criminal intimidation, intentional insult and defamation’ to Vikas Pandey. The complaint also states that Pandey intends to initiate civil and criminal defamation against the accused.

Rathee accuses the same Abhishek Mishra who was once seen cosying up with Arvind Kejriwal, who had once tweeted a fake news shared by Mishra, of now being a ‘BJP insider’ who offers bribes on behalf of BJP.

Well, we wish good luck to Vikas Pandey, who has taken this step against the AAP chief and his close aide. Truth hurts, doesn’t it?? You have only exposed it. And now more Indians will take interest in these allegations. People will try to analyse the truth. Indians would want to know the truth behind the intentions of Arvind Kejriwal and Dhruv  Rathee.