AAP Minister Kapil Mishra announces to expose massive corruption in Delhi water ministry; Kejriwal sacks him

It is no more a hidden fact that corruption in Aam Aadmi Party runs deep, and is done in connivance with none other than AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal, who ironically came to power on an anti-corruption plank. The latest in the series of Aam Aadmi Party implicit in corruption is the sacking of Delhi water minister Shri Kapil Mishra. Arvind Kejriwal has unilaterally sacked Kapil Mishra and removed him from the post of water minister and the chairman of Delhi Jal Board. Shockingly, Mishra was sacked by Kejriwal after he met the Delhi chief minister and gave him some documents related to massive corruption in water distribution.

Kapil Mishra met Arvind Kejriwal yesterday and handed over documents pertaining to various scams in water transport, reports of tanker mafia and corruption in Delhi Jal board. Soon after his sacking, he took to the microblogging site twitter he announced that he will be exposing the scams in water ministry related to tankers used in distribution of water. He said the expose will shake the ground below the feet of Arvind Kejriwal. His sacking was done after he planned to expose the corruption. “I was not informed of the decision and as per my knowledge, it was taken unilaterally by Kejriwal. The Cabinet or the Political Affairs Committee was not involved,” Mishra said.

He added that he already shared the documents with Arvind Kejriwal and will be sharing it with public on Sunday at 11 am.

However, very soon after Kapil Mishra tweeted about exposing the massive scam, AAP started to spread lies that Mishra did not meet Kejriwal on Saturday. Kapil Mishra has said that if he didn’t meet Kejriwal, the CCTV footage of Chief Minister’s house must be released to nail the lie.

Earlier in 2015, Kapil Mishra was sacked from the post of law minister after he had tried to investigate into various corruption cases and planned to give documents to the Anti-corruption bureau. He was removed from law ministry and shunted to water ministry. Now that he has decided to expose the massive tanker scam and how close associates of Kejriwal are involved in the scam, he has been removed.

When he was asked if he will quit the party, he said that the AAP does not belong to one person but is a revolution. He said that he will stay in the party and clean the party from inside.

The party which won a massive mandate in Delhi on the name of fighting corruption is not only shielding the corrupts, but also sacks anyone who raises a voice against corrupt practices of Aam Aadmi Party and Arvind Kejriwal – be it Yogendra Yadav, Mayank Gandhi, Prashant Bhushan, Kapil Mishra and endless other workers. Afterall, “Krantikaari” politics !

Kshitij Mohan


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