AAP Ministers Busy on Election Tours, While Delhi hit by Chikungunya and Dengue

As the Aam Adami Party is busy doing damage control after the Sandeep Kumar scandal, its other priorities are campaigning in poll-bound Punjab and Goa. The problems of Delhi do not seem to figure on its agenda as chikungunya and dengue threaten to spiral into epidemics. The condition is worse than last year, showing that the AAP government has failed to put in place preventive healthcare measures. Even as the diseases continue to spread, the Delhi Municipal Corporation is not taking necessary steps to tackle the problem.

As of now, 560 people have been hospitalised for Chikungunya and 1000 with dengue. An investigation conducted by India Today has uncovered the neglect of the state authorities as government hospitals are unequipped to handle the situation. Patients have been unable to get ambulances, and the MCD has also failed to do its job as many localities remain to be fogged properly to stop the diseases from spreading.

Interviews conducted by India Today <source: https://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/chikungunya-dengue-delhi-aap-minister-punjab-polls-arvind-kejriwal/1/760209.html>

show the anguish of the citizens:

“We came at  6 am and it is noon now and we are still in queue to get a basic check up done”, said a patient in RML hospital.

“Only if he has time for the people of Delhi, can we raise our concerns but he is busy trying to gain popularity in other states”, said a North Delhi citizen, voicing the frustration of many who feel their government has ceased to care for the state.

The state government has made no assurances to the people that their grievances will be addressed, as it focuses on making promises to voters in other states.

The Delhi CM is in Ludhiana, deputy CM in Goa, and rural development minister planning to be in Chhattisgarh. Delhi”™s water and electricity woes of summer months got replaced by water logging in the monsoon, further aggravating the spread of chikungunya and dengue.

Few weeks back, US Secretary of State John Kerry opened his address to the IIT Delhi students by jokingly asking them whether they came to the venue in boats. This made shortcomings in the country”™s capital glaringly apparent to global media. Yet, the state government is far from planning to improve the city-state”™s infrastructure, as it falls short of providing even basic healthcare in times of crisis. The Central government showed its concern for the frequent power cuts in Delhi by preparing actionable reports, allocating funds, and conducting review meetings, but the Delhi government is refusing to cooperate and delaying projects.  <source: https://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/Delhi/delhi-is-not-cooperating-union-power-minister/article8781582.ece>

It is time that the Aam Adami Party shifts focus from other states, and stays in touch with the state that elected them twice.

Arushi Bahuguna



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