AAP’s Social Media Team Takes Politics to The Cheapest Possible Level

In last 3-4 years, Social Media has become another political ground. The popularity of Politicians is measured by their followers on social media. The hash tag nowadays is playing a major role in politics. Political party uses a certain hash tag for boasting off their achievement or pulling up the leg of their opposition.

From past few days, (a long time though) I started observing few of the trending Hashtags and realized that calling trends from AAP as leg-puller will be an understatement. Their hashtags do not aim at taking a dig, but to malign the PM of the Nation.

Presenting to you a few of them ““

  1.  What does this mean –img_20160910_210159
  2. And the Party whose almost every MLA has been charged with harrassment cases uses this –
  3. Have some shame ““


Few of them are so disgusting, that can”™t be put here.


And These coming from the official account –

Some of the tweets from CM himself are so derogatory, and out of the sanctity of any form of media. The Twitter timeline of Arvind Kejriwal is full of many such cheap tweets. The man, who does not have any defense against the CDs found and cases of harassment against his men, tweets on the character of the PM of the Nation.

They may think that they are degrading someone else”™s character, but these words just expose their own cheap mentality. A person who calls himself an IITian and a government officer use filthy language against the Prime Minister. It is high time for Kejriwal to look into the character of his own party than to comment on others.

Shibya Pandey