AAPtards….. A Phenomenon !!

2012 was the year for revolutions in India. India Against Corruption (IAC) was shaking the pillars and foundations of the reigning Congress Government. Anna and Arvind had become household names with people questioning the system and a lot of the youth taking interest in politics. The anger got coupled with the brutal unfortunate ‘Nirbhaya-rape case’. Then came Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). The victory of AAP in Delhi was nothing short of being magical and a lot of credit goes to its supporters, the AAPtards.

Don’t smile, don’t feel angered. You agree or not, AAPtards are a phenomenon. Sorry if you think they are just a few. They are in plenty. In your family, friend circle, social group, facebook, twitter all over the place.

Let me first tell you that not all AAP supporters are called AAPtards. This term is reserved for the closed minded people who form the majority of AAP followers. A few also follow other political parties. Some sincere and well educated people are also unfortunately supporters of AAP. These are people who you can have genuine debates with. They count the shortcomings of the Government as well as appreciate the good measures taken by it. They are cool. Then who are AAPtards? Let us try to understand this phenomenon.

Urban Dictionary Meaning: A delusional moron who believes that utopia can be achieved by electing a person with no track record in politics into power purely on basis of some apocryphal claims.

S/He thinks that the world will change overnight by bringing AAP into power… what an AAPtard!

Several different set of people constitute this group and they can be classified into the following sub-sets:

  1. A lot of them have never followed politics and believed politics is a dirty business all their life till IAC movement happened, and they are convinced that Jan Lokpal will remove corruption from India at every level.
  2. The honest people who believe that everybody should live in peace and harmony. One who strives for justice and fights against crime and corruption. Someone who believes in clean politics. The Idealists.
  3. “I completely agree with you on what Govt is doing in this matter, BUT”¦” and “I am Not against this, BUT….” lot. These are in plenty.
  4. Some also belonged to other political parties. When they are ashamed of disclosing their political leaning, they turn AAPtards. Both in debates and discussions and also electorally. This way they think will help them maintain their social positioning.
  5. And finally the Dolts, Frauds, Rogues, Cheats, Criminals and Abusers.

There is also a change in attitude. The new generation behaves like customers rather than as passive citizens and treat government offices as eCommerce sites expecting speedy service. They have to still mature. Majority of AAPtards have never followed politics and are convinced that Arvind Kejriwal and Jan Lokpal will remove corruption from India at every level. These ‘differently-abled’ people believe, that Kejriwal is the solution for every problem, and troll facebook feeds and internet forums with the variants of a single sentence ‘Arvind Kejriwal is honest. AAP is honest’.

The peculiar responses when they are confronted with complex questions. Samples:

Q1: What is the foreign policy of AAP ?

A1: After we bring Jan Lokpal Bill, we will become the best country in the world. So no need at all of any foreign policy, all other countries will be begging to do business with us.

Q2: AAP is allegedly taking funds from Ford Foundation?

A2: This is conspiracy by BJP and Congress. Wait till we bring Jan-Lokpal bill, then all these devils will be behind bar. In ten days all court cases will be solved and all current political leaders will live the rest of their lives in prison.

Q3: Kejriwal invited people for a junta durbar without arranging for the logistics. Is this right?

A3: Kuchh to kar raha hai na .. (At least he is doing something).

Q4: Hey, I heard that an AAP MLA Sharad Chauhan held for suicide of woman worker? I am losing count. The post says 12 MLAs so far. Is it true?


A4: One must really compliment Delhi police for their promptness on arresting AAP MLAs on hearsay and innuendos. delhi police has a track record of killing people without motive.


Sometimes I laugh and cry at the same time. While I laugh at the irony of the situation, I cry because I laughed too much. These are some random responses of extremist AAP supporters that gets them the name of AAPtards. They defend every decision of Arvind Kejriwal as if he is the walking embodiment of all virtues known to humankind. So let us first understand their leader.

Arvind Kejriwal meets Tauqeer Raza, calls Batla-House encounter fake and doesn’t want uniform civil code to be implemented. Still his followers believe he is branding new wave of politics of secularism. Arvind calls his fight is against corruption and conveniently forgets Sheila Dixit, and Congress against whom the whole IAC movement was launched. He employs same dumb rhetoric of populism & media generated hype (free bijli-paani-wifi) without outlining his vision, how? Recently in a shocking incident, AAP sent its Delhi MLA to Punjab to offer 1 Crore to tear Quran and spark riots, to win Punjab by hook or crook. He constantly uses fake allegations on anybody and call them names. Same man defends every wrong doing of his, his party or his colleagues brazenly. But AAPtards swoon over his words.

Recent developments have seen the Chief Minister has used his expertise at media management to constantly pitch the point that the office of Lieutenant Governor is exercising his authority in an unauthorized manner, the truth was to the contrary. This was proven by the Delhi High Court verdict which slammed Delhi Govt unsparingly.

In fact, it”™s Kejriwal, who is using his office to financially emaciate the municipal corporations, in order to functionally cripple them. Soon after depriving them of requisite funds, Kejriwal bad mouths local bodies in public. Najib Jung, a Nehruvian Socialist was immediately accused of being Modi”™s stooge. As a result of that the LG-CM, State-Center are locked in a hell match and this is going to go on for some time. If this crisis meets a logical solution, he”™ll look for another.

One realizes it is not the ‘Vipasana’ that Arvind Kejriwal is chasing but dogma and convenience. He talks of backstabbing as he carries out a purge in the party. His personal animosity pitted against Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan. AAP”™s internal lokpal wasn”™t amused so he was fired too. AAP”™s decision making body and panel of spokespersons are filled with trusted yes-men.  So the question: is Kejriwal as humble as he seems? Isn”™t these moves all about authoritarianism at its best? The foundation of Arvind’s diabolical politics is in misinterpretations and misrepresentations. He propagates falsehoods, using the filthiest of language to misinterpret facts. His followers being AAPtards forget that it is easier to fight for your principles than to live up to them.


One of my Favorite columnist and a dear friend Anand Ranganathan called Arvind “Che Guevara without a gun” in a tweet. Damn so apt!  Che happens to be the most celebrated political revolutionary of the world. He successfully led Fidel Castro”™s guerrillas in their struggle against Fulgencio Batista”™s military dictatorship in Cuba. After overthrowing Batista, Che made sure that all of Batista”™s men are executed without any trials. Leadership was never his cup of tea and as a result of it the economy under his leadership took a plunge. His haters were executed. Then he became an eternal rebel again and headed off on his vicious crusade to impose communism on countries like Argentina, Congo and Bolivia and was killed by the Bolivian army. Like Arvind is moving from Delhi to Punjab and Goa.

When rebels become leaders, they turn into dictators. Their leadership becomes a constant struggle against the status-quo. Himself not being sure about his next move, a rebel is driven by impulse while a leader is all about meticulous planning. A rebel would turn restless if he doesn”™t have anything to fight against. Planning and governance is not something that would excite any rebel.



You get to see tweets that you would not expect from a public leader or official handle of a political party. Of course run by party’s IT cell which is certainly full of AAPtards. But then that is what the followers get, and as they don’t follow many other people, that is what they spread. Lies without proofs or something so stupid, you wouldn’t expect it from a leader. Yes this is from his official account and not a parody account.

Its only a year and half into Govt and the State is already facing a crisis. It is battling acute electricity crisis, Delhi turned into dump yards because of the strike of MCD officials. Auto Drivers are blatantly denying passengers. Two finger test for a rape victim was imposed blatantly which was later reverted. Free Wi-Fi is nowhere in sight. CCTV Cameras are nowhere in sight. Nothing positive is in sight.

The Delhi cabinet cannot have more than seven ministers by law. So Arvind Sir pulls 21 Parliament Secretaries for “smoother functioning”, and assured Delhi that they will not be a burden on the exchequer. Except that they will use sarkari bungalows, offices and vehicles. So responding to a PIL, the Delhi High Court (which AAPtards call ‘Ambani-Adani-Court’) slammed the Delhi Govt like never before. MLA’s and Minister’s degrees are proven fake. The messiah of ‘Sampurn Swaraj” are going jail for forgery at a brisk frequency. But what is ironical and worth noting is the defense coming from the AAPtards.

Now Manish Sisodia says that this is a conspiracy against them to stall their crusade against corruption. He accused both the Modi government and the Delhi LG for this. How does supporting a person with fake degree count as crusade against corruption? How does the Delhi LG come into picture in this case? How does Modi Government become the prime accused for an order initiated by the Bar Council of Delhi High Court? Some AAPTards have absolutely no idea what is going on but will still support whatever nonsense is going on.

Because, Kejriwal Sir doubts, Modi can get him killed.

Let me say it loud that there may be many wrongs in other political parties, but there is not even a single thing right about the Aam Aadmi Party.

I am sure you all at some point have had a conversation with them. They will make crazy claims. Disagree with them and some of them will start abusing immediately. In one case, on a sarcastic statement “fir se light gayi Dilli mein. Imaandari ka pankha chala ke so jaaiye“, unbelievable c-grade abuses started following. Abusive AAPtards have no tolerance towards other’s opinions. I can’t post here the nasty abuses they use on public forum but have given some examples of incoherence, abuses and total lack of understanding below in a collage. It shows their weakness and difficulty in understanding another point of view to counter with decent arguments. Every party has its own share of staunch supporters, who no matters what will remain with the party. But such cynicism towards ARVIND ideology is sickening in nature and results in such verbal attacks.


A much larger section I would say, who hardly know anything about the matter but still keep on ranting. Some are totally brainless. They do not have even an iota of understanding of economics and wildly throw numbers. They are very common on twitter & facebook. These usually follow only other people like them and always see a single perspective of things around them. They also support each other for whatever they say, no matter how wrong it is.

With this classic match of a Rebel and his followers, don’t get surprised if one day the AAP leadership delivers a speech in Mark Antony fashion: Dolts, Morons, Rogues and Cheats… lend me your ears! Irony would be the response, Hail Kejriwal !!

Shwetank Bhushan

The author is a business strategist by profession and keeps a close eye at political developments in India.

He tweets at @shwetankbhushan