Ab Ki Baar Phir Modi Sarkar! Survey reveals PM Modi Govt will come to power with a bang

The Opposition and its agents can shout as loud as they want that PM Modi magic is over. He has not fulfilled his promises. He is telling lies to people. He is cheating people but the truth can never be hidden. And the truth is Prime Minister Modi Government is loved by people. People have immense trust in Modi Government and are totally satisfied by its Governance

The latest survey conducted by Times VMR also reveals that PM Modi Government will come back to power with a bang. According to survey NDA is set to win on 283 seats out of the total 543 seats in the ensuing Lok Sabha elections. UPA led by Congress, on the other hand, is expected to lead on just 135 seats, while the remaining parties will get around 125 seats

‘Others’ include regional parties like BJD, TMC, TDP, TRS and YSRCP as well as the SP-BSP-RLD combine in Uttar Pradesh.

The NDA, according to the survey, is projected to make significant gains in the state of UP, Assam, Odisha, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and West Bengal

In Assam, NDA seat tally will increase from six to eight. Out of the total 14, NDA is expected to win on eight out while UPA and AIUDF on four and two seats respectively. In terms of vote shares in the state, NDA is at 37.00%, UPA at 32.4%, AIUDF at 12.80% and 14.3 % votes going to other political parties

In Delhi BJP will win on all seven seats and there is no chance of AAP even getting a single seat. The party is all set to rock in Hindi heartlands too. In Madhya Pradesh BJP is set to win on 22 out of the total 29 seats in Madhya Pradesh whereas in Rajasthan the party will bag 20 of the total 25 seats. Maharashtra is also positive for the NDA with expected win on 39 out of the total 48.

In Odisha, BJP is expected to win 14 seats while BJD will get just 7 and UPA will get zero. In West Bengal BJP is expected to win 11 out of the total 42 seats which is a huge jump from just 2 seats in the 2014 general elections.
The survey clearly states that Modi Government is going to come back to power with a clear majority and no Mahagathbandhan or alliance can dent the people trust in PM Modi Government