Abdul Khaliq of Indian Express calls Union Minister a “Poster Boy of Militant Hindutva”!

Some of the secular Indians and Traitors in India do not want the citizens of the country to see beyond the facade that the Church and Mosques hide behind them. All that they want is to stick to communal hatred and spread it into the society.

A similar kind of job is carried on by Main Stream Media houses like Indian express and NDTV, run by the Anti-India brigade supporting the enemy of India. These are not newspapers; they are a rumour spreading institution having a different agenda towards the nation.

Writers and reporters of these media houses have literally forgotten their dignity towards leaders and persons in respectable position in the country. Here’s what is found today, Abdul Khaliq of Indian Express in a shameful comment has called the Union Minister Giriraj Singh a “Poster Boy of ‘Militant Hindutva’ “!

What the hell.. Abdul Khaliq of Indian Express calls union minister Giriraj Singh ji a “Poster Boy of ‘Militant Hindutva’ “!

What kind of hateful,biased and factless content is being encouraged by IE?

Hindus should take conginzance of this and see if a legal action can be initiated. 

Does he have an assumption that his life will not be in danger? Is he confident enough that if he writes something against Hindutva, the Owaisis would certainly save him from danger? What can we term this audacity as? After all writer is Abdul Khaliq. He will never write about Kashmiri Hindus. And he can never write anything positive about Hinduism.

Can we expect an apology to this? If yes, we would want to know when and how? Don’t Hindus have feelings towards their religion? What rights does media have to use these words against a leader? Who will answer this grievance? Please do not expect the seculars to talk on this. 

Calling Hindus Militants (Communal) while silence on Jihadi Mullahs and venom spouting Bishops (Secular) is how the nation runs right now. Well, we cannot deny the fact that this is the thinking that has settled in the minds of every minority in India.