‘Accept the mandate, stop blaming EVMs’ : Anna Hazare slams Kejriwal!

After the humiliation defeat of Congress-SP, AAP and BSP in the last UP, Punjab and Goa elections few parties have gone to the extent of blaming EVM machines for the rout in the elections. It was Mayawati who first started the EVM excuse after she lost miserably in the UP elections.

In the press conference, she raised bizarre question asking “where have all the Muslim votes gone, how did Muslims vote for BJP and how could BJP win a Muslim dominated area?”  Just because BJP won in a Muslim dominated area, she concluded that EVMs were tampered. Following her footsteps, Akilesh Yadav also jumped into the debate saying BJP had tampered EVM to win UP elections.

The Congress which was looking to save Rahul Gandhi from embarrassment, picked up the EVM story to shift blame. The biggest loser, Kejriwal who doesn’t leave any opportunity to blame others also started EVM excuse. He blamed the Election Commission for letting BJP tamper the EVM.

Kejriwal reacted in a most stupid way writing to the Election Commission to ban using EVMs and introduce the age old ballot paper voting. In a Press conference held today, he claimed that he had 5-10 volunteers in many districts of Punjab but the AAP got less than 5 votes. So the EVMs were tampered.  He said people of the country have lost faith in EVM machines and hence the ECI should replace EVMs with ballot papers.

Immediately after Kejriwal’s press conference, Anna Hazare reacted to his claims saying that Kejriwal should stop complaining and accept the mandate of the people. He has slammed Kejriwal in very harsh words saying Kejriwal doesn’t realize the cumbersome work involved in the ballot voting. He said the entire procedure of Ballot paper voting requires double man power, papers and security and it involves more risk and takes double the time to count. He said it was easier to capture poll booths and thus put proxy voting in ballot method.

Anna Hazare endorsed that the world is changing with advance technology and it was not advisable to go back to ballot paper voting.

The way Kejriwal and Congress are blaming the EVMs only shows that how desperate and upset they are after the results. When these people win, the EVMs are fine, but when they lose EVMs are defective?!!

If BJP had really tampered with the EVMs, then why did they lose Punjab? So will Kejriwal also accept that the EVMs were tampered during the Delhi and Bihar elections and ask for a re-elections? When the situation is favorable, then all is good, otherwise blame it on BJP!

Moreover, the current EVMs cannot be tampered after Dr Subramanian Swamy moved to Supreme Court and got the machines modified in the year 2013.

  • EVMs are not connected to Internet so it cannot be hacked.
  • Random EVMs are sent to all booths, so no one gets to know which EVM goes where.
  • EVMs have control unit, ballot unit and now VVPAT (Voter Verifiable Paper Audited Trail) which is attached to them, so it assures the voter to whom they voted. (VVPAT was got installed by Dr Subramanian Swamy).
  • Mock polling is done in the presence of officers to check if the EVMs are working fine.

Yes, before there were cases about EVM tampering after which Dr Swamy got the machines modified with VVPAT, and now its almost impossible to tamper with the machine so the claim Kejriwal and Congress are making are absolutely baseless.

Aishwarya S


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