Did you accidentally fund an Anti India lobby?

We may have read news on many NGOs who in the name of poor, disabled and orphans collect donations and funds. Many people donate generously with a wish that a child would be benefited by their small contribution. But what if you come to know that the money is not being used for children but is being used for vested interests of Christian missionaries, anti-India lobbies and anti social activities?

Recently there are many reports from IB on how many NGOs in the name of service are indulging in forcible conversions and nurturing anti India lobby. The NGOs are receiving huge amount of foreign funds which include Ford foundation and GreenPeace. There are around 20 lakh registered NGOs in India out of which only 40,000 NGOs have filed returns. So there is absolutely no record of where the money is going and what is it being used for.

The intelligence reports have disclosed that many of these NGOs are operating on the behest of international organizations which mainly aims to destabilize the country”™s economy by targeting developmental projects like Narmada dam construction, Kudankulam nuclear plant. Maligning the country by sponsoring riots, violence and dividing people on religious issues is a routine task of which media plays a prime role in hyping and giving publicity. The Dadri fake Intolerance issue is a typical example how these pseudo intellectuals are used to malign entire country. The JNU Afzal Guru event organized by the same Anti India lobby got support of few media houses as well.

Teesta Setalvad, who in the name of minority rehabilitation received huge foreign funds from ford foundation to fight political battles and bring down the Narendra Modi government in Gujarat. Medha Patkar was no different; she opposed the Narmada dam project for almost 10 years which cost the government more money on court battles than the actual DAM construction. The Narmada dam gave water to hundreds of villages in the deserts of Kutch. So how many people did these NGOs actually rehabilitate? To how many people did they give jobs?

These NGOs mainly target the weaker sections of the society promising them with food, shelter and jobs and use them to create rift and violence in society.

Ever since the Modi government came to power the anti India lobbies and fake NGOs are having tough time answering the IT department. They are trying every possible way to depict themselves innocents. The media houses especially NDTV is desperately trying to save these organizations.

The government has cancelled the licence of around 10,000 NGOs for violating the FCRA norms and demanded accountancy of other NGOs.  It”™s a commendable move from the government. Why cant those media people who ask the accountancy of every other person on earth be accountable themselves? Why should NGOs have no accountability? If they have nothing to hide what are they scared of? Due to these fake NGOs the ones which are really working for people welfare have taken a hit.

Next time when we donate or help an NGO, let”™s make sure we give the money to the right person and for the right cause. Let us not be directly or indirectly responsible for helping terrorists and anti-nationals against our own country.

Aishwarya S