According to Indian Express, Aurangzeb saved more Hindu lives than he killed!

Seems like Indian media has not only become anti National, but in a way they have probably turned Anti Human in the process to appease some sections of people.

Today, the Indian Express published an article in which the author says that Aurangzeb who was known as the mass murderer of Hindus, protected more Hindus than he killed. The author proudly says “Aurangzeb was arguably the most powerful and wealthiest ruler of his day. His nearly 50-year reign (1658–1707) had a profound influence on the political landscape of early modern India, and his legacy—real and imagined—continues to loom large in India and Pakistan today.”

The article goes to say that Arungzeb protected more Hindus than he killed, which is like saying ISIS has spared more people than it killed. Aurangzeb was considered a mass murderer, who killed millions of Hindus just because they refused to accept Islam. His mass conversions in India lead to the brutal killing of thousands of women and children mercilessly. It is well known how he chopped the Sikh gurus who refused to endorse Islam, their eyes were removed with hot iron rods, their bodies were split into two pieces and their babies were killed right in front of them.

Image result for Aurangzeb killing sikhs

Image result for Aurangzeb killing sikhs

The Indian Express says, quote: He employed more Hindus in his imperial administration than any prior Mughal ruler by a fair margin (50% more Hindus, proportionally, than Akbar had included, for instance). Aurangzeb asked Hindu doctors and astrologers for advice throughout his life, even in his final years. Aurangzeb also destroyed some temples, reinstitute the jizya tax, and, along with the Marathas, caused mass human suffering in central and south India. The goal for a historian is to make sense of all of these aspects of Aurangzeb rather than singling out only one side of this complicated king.

Aurangzeb employing Hindus in his ministry was not because he liked Hindus or he was favourable towards them but he had no choice and India had great Hindu scholars who were masters in literature, astronomy, medicine, paintings, mathematics, political analysis which were crucial for him to run the kingdom. He did not do any favours to Hindus by hiring them for his work, but Hindus were forced to work for him.

Indian Express shamelessly says that he destroyed some temples, but the actual numbers will scare anyone. He was not just against Hindus, but every other religion in Indian like Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists and destroyed their temples. In his 50 years rule, more than 20,000 temples have said to be destroyed. The most prominent ones were the Kashi Vishwanatha Temple, Mathura temple, Somnath temple, temples in Amber, Ujjain, Udaipur, Jodhpur , Khandela, Bijapur, Aurangabad, Pandharpur, Lakheri, Rasulpur, Sheogaon, Bhagwant Garh, Malpura, Koch Bihar, Satara, Odisha and many other places.

So in what way do these people think he protected Hindus?

According to Indian Express logic, we should also say that ISIS spared more people than it killed in Iraq. The total population in Iraq is around 36 Million (3.6 crores) according to 2015 census report and the total number of people killed by ISIS terror in Iraq is around 170,000 people. So they have still spared 35,830,000 Million people.

The Indian Express is defending the indefensible and is only showing their pseudo secular attitude of justifying the murderer Aurangzeb. This is worst than Hypocrisy.

In new book, a side of Aurangzeb India is not familiar with

Aishwarya S


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