Actor Farhan Akhtar showed his intolerance by warning and insulting senior BJP leader! But very soon, Indians ripped apart this actor’s hypocrisy

Hypocrisy of actors is not new and Tamil actor Joseph Vijay was the new addition to it. This actor who had evaded tax for 5 years was bashed by the Indians for spreading fake news regarding GST, Digital India. But as expected, few actors jumped in to save this tax evader, Joseph Vijay. The prominent among them was actor-director Farhan Akhtar.

“How dare you, sir?? @GVLNRAO And to all film people in his ranks.. here’s what he thinks of you. #shame” this was his tweet filled with arrogance.

This was his way of threatening senior BJP leader GVL Narasimha Rao. So according to this actor, spreading fake information is fine but countering that fake information is wrong.

By this, Farhan Akhtar proved that he is intolerant towards criticism. This type of mentality is very deadly in India as it doesn’t give any room to free speech or freedom of expression.

But very soon, responsible Indians exposed this actors reality. Yes, look at the below tweet where he completely changed the name of India’s late President APJ Abdul Kalam.


Another user showed how well Bollywood stars are, when it comes to exhibiting general knowledge.

GVLN Rao was not wrong. yes, look at the general knowledge of Anushka Sharma


No one can forget the below statement made by Sonam Kapoor. She doesn’t even have basic knowledge about India.

This was the best way of trolling. Look at the below tweet

Months ago, Farhan’s father had insulted Indian sportsperson. But this actor didn’t even condemned it. The irony is that he had starred in a film named ‘Bhag Milka Bhag’ but he didn’t stand up to fight for the rights of sportmen.

Few others even announced to boycott the films of this actor. These kind of actors need the public to watch their films but lack the basic courtesy to respect their feelings.

“Mersal was certified. Don’t re-censor it. Counter criticism with logical response. Don’t silence critics. India will shine when it speaks”, this was the tweet of Kamal Haasan. But he forgot that his movie was opposed by a religious group after it had alleged insulting scenes against their religion.

GVL Narasimha Rao hits back at actor Farhan!!!

“Farhan ji, expressing an opinion is not a dare. Respect stars for work. Please do take criticism in stride. No intolerance please”. By saying this, Mr Rao asked Farhan to accept criticism positively.

Hansika Raj