Adult men and women, you are in danger!!! Those who shouted Aadhaar is invading privacy, do you know what Rahul Gandhi did to steal your private information?

Today onwards, people will not even point their fingers at the Aadhaar cards because a huge scam of Rahul Gandhi has surfaced. It is apt to call this scam as a crime because Rahul Gandhi had embraced to a dirty trick in order to win the 2019 elections.

Have you heard about Cambridge Analytica? This firm that had helped United States President Donald Trump win the elections in USA was earlier in talks with Congress party to create strategies for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, according to the media reports.

“This is the Brahmastra Rahul Gandhi will hurl at PM Modi”, this was how the Indian media described Rahul Gandhi’s deal with Cambridge Analytica. But the Congress party neither denied nor accepted on reports about the alleged talks going on with Cambridge Analytica. Now the reason for this is getting clear. Yes, Cambridge Analytica, the firm which is specialized in “Big Data” is exposed for using all kinds of dirty tricks to trap the voters and even the political opponents.

Rahul Gandhi hired a firm that uses prostitutes to trap political rivals! BJP leaders should be aware of this!

Cambridge Analytica executives have admitted on hidden camera that they use bribes and Ukrainian whores to trap their clients’ political opponents. To trap the political rivals, this firm sends some girls around to the candidate’s (client’s rival) house. Cambridge Analytica thinks that Ukrainian girls are very beautiful and are very useful for honey trapping, said an expose by Channel4.com.

Indian men and women, Rahul Gandhi has risked your personal data!

Now, the Facebook has suspended political data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica after finding data privacy policies had been violated. “We will take legal action if necessary to hold them responsible and accountable for any unlawful behavior”, said Facebook.

This firm had spent crores on collecting data about 50 million individual profiles. Perhaps, impressed by this, Rahul Gandhi hired this firm to snoop the Indians just for his personal greed.

Now, where are the people who shouted that Aadhaar card is a killer scheme that invades privacy? Why the self-proclaimed independent and unbiased media are not raising their voice against this? Can Rahul Gandhi compromise with personal data’s of India? Shouldn’t he be punished?

  • “I wonder how many media house owners have told their editors not to take up the Cambridge Analytica story just as they did when the CDs on Radia and Cash-for-Votes scam landed on their front desk”.

Reports have already said that Cambridge Analytica has suggested the momentum for the 2019 Lok Sabha polls should be built with Assembly elections in Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. It has also proposed building a mobile app to analyse the performance of party candidates and draw a parallel with the opponents.

During the Gujarat elections, the Congress had embraced soft-Hindutva and had tasted success. It is said that this strategy was proposed by Cambridge Analytica.

“In an ideal world building Lenin’s statues would be Vandalism. But cultural marxism is about building statues of murderers on mass graves. If u can make people worship their oppressors. They’ll start hating the ones who comes to liberate them!”, mocked a parody twitter handle.

Hansika Raj