The advocate who was successful in disqualifying 20 AAP MLAs is now leading a life of fear! Do you know who is after his life?

This man came to power by promising to expose the corrupts hiding between the heaps of black money. This man came to power by promising to not even swallow even a single penny from a government fund. This man took an oath by swearing on to India’s constitution. But now he is on a mission to demolish the voices against corruption.

Yes, the man is none other than Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal. Even though completely exposed, Arvind Kejriwal has not yet resigned from the post of chief minister. And it is wrong and foolish to expect this as he is morally corrupt.

A young advocate who fought relentlessly and convinced the Court of Justice to disqualify the 20 AAP MLAs, is now leading a life full of threat. He is in a constant fear of getting attacked by the goons of Delhi Chief Minister Mr Arvind Kejriwal.

He demanded the Delhi Police and the Home Ministry to immediately make security arrangements for him.

“I request Delhi Police and HMO India to provide me security urgent”, this was how the crusader against the 20 AAP MLAs requested to provide security.

Rajya Sabha MP and BJP leader Vijay Goel assured of providing required security to this young crusader against corruption!

  • Prashant P Umrao, the lawyer who led the crusade against 20 AAP MLAs in the “Office of Profit” case met me today as he is concerned about his safety & security. I will speak to Home Minister to ensure his well-being. I firmly believe there should be zero tolerance for violence in politics.

Prashant P Umrao didn’t use his money power or influence to disqualify the 20 AAP MLAs but used the constitution to demolish the backbone of the corrupts. But it is a tragedy that instead of getting rewarded, he is being targeted by the AAP.

Even the law says what was done by the AAP leaders was wrong. “Section 15 of the government of NCT of Delhi Act, 1991 says a person shall not remain an MLA if he or she holds any office of profit under the Centre or government of a state or UT. The legislator can escape disqualification only if the office is declared by law made by Parliament, state legislature or UT as a post that does not attract loss of membership”.

Now, the police should investigate who are the goons threatening the advocate Prashant P Umrao. Whether it is Arvind Kejriwal or the other 20 disqualified MLAs.

Hansika Raj