After 2 Congress MLAs in Goa join BJP, now a former Congress leader says “Rahul Gandhi, I will demolish the Congress party”!

It doesn’t seem to be a cakewalk for Congress party who tried to form their Government in state of Goa taking advantage of the bad health of incumbent Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar

Although the Congress party claimed few days ago that it is the single largest party with 17 seats after the 2017 elections and should be given a fair chance to form the Government in the state as the present Government is not functioning properly under the leadership of CM Manohar Parikkar

But current circumstances are pointing to some different story. Yesterday two Congress MLAs named Subhash Shirdokar and Dayanand Sopte tendered their resignations to the Governor and quit the Congress and joined hands with BJP which has changed the entire equation upside down.

It had brought the Congress strength in the assembly to just 14 members whereas the strength of ruling BJP has increased to 16. By this move, Congress is no longer the single largest party in the state and will have to stop claiming that it has the right to form government in Goa.

Not only Congress this move of BJP has also shaked the ruling allies Goa Forward and Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party, some of whose members were flirting with the Congress with a toppling game in mind
Even the MLAs which have joined the party yesterday indicated more of party members leaving Congress and shaking hands with BJP. “We are joining BJP today. We expect 2-3 more MLAs to come, not today but in the coming days.” Said one of the MLA

Moreover, today the former Congressmen and Goa health minister Vishwajit Rane issued a stern warning to his former party and its president Rahul Gandhi and said him to save his party if he can as he assured demolition of the Congress party

“I will demolish the Congress party. They will be reduced to 10 by Christmas-New Year. Save your flock. That is my message to Rahul Gandhi. Leaders in the Congress are tired of Rahul Gandhi,” said Rane
Rane indicated that Goa Congress leaders are not happy with the leadership of Rahul Gandhi which is why they are quitting from the party

The above situation indicates it is possible that more resignations come from within the Congress giving the party further jolts. It’s time for Congress party to look inside their party first instead of blabbering and putting allegations on the current working Government of CM Manohar Parrikar who despite of his bad health is commitedly working for the state.Congress should maintain its own house and resolve issues with their MLAs in order to avoid any further embarrassment in the future

Source: DNA

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