After 26/11 terror attack, the Indian Air Force was ready to strike down Pakistan terror camps, fighter jets were on standby for one month, but do you know why mission was cancelled?

Today the entire country is celebrating the Air strikes of the Indian Air Force against Pakistan terror camps as a revenge and a befitting reply to the cowardly inhumane attack on CRPF jawans. The Pulwama terror attack which killed 44 of our CRPF jawans had literally made every Indian blood boil and were strongly urging for a revenge against Pakistan’s terror activities.

Just 10 days after the Pulwama attack, the IAF successfully struck the heart of the Jaish E Mohammed terror base in Balakot in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Muzaffarabad and Chakoti in Pakistan. The attack has apparently resulted in the death of over 330-350 JeM terrorists, including 25 prominent commanders and relatives of the Azhar Mehamood. The sudden attack by the IAF has made Pakistan go to a state of shock and disbelief.

As the celebrations started in India, there was a shocking revelation made by one of the Ex-pilot Mohonto Panging of the Indian Air Force who was the commander of the operation then. In his tweet he said that after 26/11 terror attack which nearly killed 250 innocent people, the IAF wanted to immediately retaliate and give a befitting reply to Pakistan’s terrorism. But the entire mission was called off due to one reason!

Yes, after the 26/11 attack India suffered immensely and desperately wanted to retaliate and punish Pakistan for their shameless act. The emotions of every Indian was high and the country looked up for a retaliation. The intelligence, military and political leaders wanted the country to strike Pakistan causing double the amount of pain. The three heads of the armed forces put forth options to the government which included special forces missions, covert attacks, air strikes on terror training camps and even an option of a limited war.

When the first meeting took place with the Prime Manmohan Singh and all Army heads, RAW officials on November 28, just 48 hours after the attack, the army suggested a cold start with immediate attack on JuD terror camps across the international border without waiting for a full-scale mobilisation. But this option was rejected by the Sonia lead Manmohan Singh government  saying attacking JuD headquarters in Muridke, Lahore,  Kasuri will be provocative and escalate the matters.

It was then the Air Chief Marshal Fali Homi Major presented a plan to conduct air strikes across the border on major terror camps of LeT and JuD. He said the IAF was capable of striking down all terror camps within 16 hours. But the government showed no interest in the Air Strike or retaliating against Pakistan terrorists.The plan was postponed.

The second meeting was held on December 2, by then the Manmohan Singh government clearly had made up their mind against any military option against Pakistan. They refused all option given by Indian Army. M.K. Narayanan gave 5 different option which included covert action against Pakistan terrorists, fighter jets to target training camps and surgical strike with the special commandos!

But none of the options were taken seriously by then Congress government. But Fali Major who believed that the Air strikes were very apt prepared a team and the mighty Sukhoi Fighter jets of the Indian Air Force were put on stand by believing that government will take a strong decision.  Places like Muzaffarabad and other surrounding areas which have now been struck were chosen as targets. The commandos were ready for a revenge, the country was ready to punish Pakistan. But the only people who were not ready to punish Pakistan was the Congress lead by Sonia Gandhi.

For nearly one month, the Air force kept waiting for a green signal and go ahead from the government. Every other country including America knew that India would strike back and show their might. The Pakistan, LeT and JuD had anticipated a retaliation. Two days passed, a week passed, 15 days passed and finally one month passed after the ghastly Mumbai attack, but the permission to Air Force from government never came.

Utterly disappointed by the inaction and lack of interest, courage and spine by the Manmohan Singh lead governemnt the Indian Air Force withdrew all fighter jets after a long wait of one month. The pilots who were waiting to take revenge for their lost brothers like Thukaram Ombale, Sandeep Unnikrishnan never got a chance to venge their anger against terrorists.

As days passed, the incapability of the government made people lose their hope, the soldiers were let down, the country was let down and finally we were made to accept and swallow the pain and death of 200 people who were killed mercilessly.

India was seen as a spineless country which never cared to punish terrorists in the eyes of International community. The government forgot the pain and suffering of the people and got involved in their campaigning actions for the 2009 general elections using the 26/11 attack for their political purpose and gave communal colour to the act.

Journalist Vicky Nanjappa, In an interview with then Air Chief Marshall Fali Major had asked…

VN: The eyeball to eyeball confrontation between the two countries was clear after the Mumbai attacks. We all thought that India would go to war against Pakistan. What made everyone change their mind?

Marshal : Nobody changed their mind. In fact, the government never made up its mind to go to war. I know the sentiment of the entire country was that of anger and disgust. The Indian Air Force was ready to strike at Pakistan. We had our contingency ready and were well prepared. However, ultimately it depends on what the government wants.

VN : There was also talk of an air strike along the border to destroy jihadi camps.

MarshalYes, there was. However, the government was not in favour of an air strike across the border as it felt that it would escalate into a full fledged war. (

This is the real reason why India never got a chance to teach Pakistan a lesson despite over 50 terror attacks between 2004-2014. This was Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh government!!

Source: Indian Today

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