After 907 Artistes, now Bollywood actor Ranvir Shorey backs PM Modi saying “Those who couldn’t fix the problems in 60 years are now talking about NYAY”

Probably this is the first Lok Sabha election where not the party karyakarthas but the responsible citizens of India are campaigning for the re-election of PM Narendra Modi. From daily wage workers to prominent national figures, several Indians are convincing the voters why PM Modi is the need of the hour.

Now, renowned Bollywood actor who is known for his versatile acting has come up with a scathing attack against the dynasties that ruled and ruined India. Slamming the anti-Modi brigade that tried to influence the public, Ranvir Shorey said “Along with urging people to come out and vote, some artists are even suggesting what should be the thought-process for casting their votes”.

He went on to slam the propagandists who are claiming that India has become a hell after PM Modi came to power. Mr Shorey said that “Have the current problems in our country appeared only during the last 5 years? Was our country on the right track before 2014? Did we not have any riots in the country before these 5 years? Weren’t the poor butchered or killed in the name of religion before as well? Weren’t unemployment and hunger key problems then? It is right to hold a 5-year-old government responsible for all these problems? 5 years are not enough to solve all the problems of such a large country”.

Exposing the dynasty politics, he said “Those who couldn’t fix the problems in 60 years are now talking about NYAY. Is it fair that a single family rules over the country generation after generation?”.

This statement has come just days after 907 artistes wrote a letter to the Indians urging to vote for PM Modi. The list included noted celebrities like Pandit Jasraj, Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan and it stated that India needs a “Majboot Sarkar and not a Mazboor Sarkar”.

If India has to progress, we need a strong leader!