After a long time NDTV journalist Nidhi Razdan tried to attack CBI! But this stunt of her totally backfired

Until 2014, all the central agencies were working independently, but as soon as the Modi government took oath at the central, the government started to misuse the central agencies like CBI, ED and IT. PM Modi used these agencies to haunt the hard working P Chidambaram, Karti Chidambaram, Robert Vadra and many more.

This is the vague argument made by many of the pro-Rahul Gandhi fans and the hard core Modi haters who have penetrated into the media in the mask of unbiased journalists. Since 2014, with every passing year, the saffron party expanded its territory to 22 states. But as soon the BJP lost 2 bypolls in Uttar Pradesh, some of the UPA leaning journalists sprung to life.

Similarly, in an attempt to make a come back, NDTV journalist Nidhi Razdan tried to play a cheap trick by putting a huge and baseless blame on the central agencies like Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Enforcement Directorate (ED) and even the Income Tax (IT) department. She tweeted,

  • If the CBI/ED/IT etc is unleashed on Mayawati now, make no mistake, it will backfire. People will see through it.

So the anchor of the news channels, NDTV, that was grilled by the central agencies for violating several rules, is now accusing the same agencies. This is nothing but a hypocrisy exhibited by the anchor of NDTV.

Going by her sentence, where did the central agencies like CBI, ED and IT misused its power? Arresting Karti Chidambaram was a crime? Going aggressive against the scamster Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi is a mistake?

As per Nidhi Razdan, Lalu Yadav was innocent?

  • As per you guys, sending most corrupt people like Lalu/Mayawati/Karti and may be Sonia Gandhi to jail is a mistake?? Who are you? What kind of people you are talking about? or are you scared that ED is coming closer to NDTV tax liability case?

But a man named Noor Mohammed who was impressed by Nidhi Razdan’s logic tried to defend her by saying,

  • Don’t be so naive. It’s obvious BJP has been using CBI and ED raids to attack the opposition parties. They have some of the most corrupt ministers and aides and they are all safely protected by BJP..

But an angry Indian even ripped apart the disciple of Nidhi Razdan by saying,

  • Yes, according to Noor Mohammed Laloo, Karti, Mayawati all are innocent . He forgot that these parties have been using them just as a votebank all these years. He is suit boot guy, won’t understand pain of rural Muslims. Come out of 2002 riots.

At least spare the agencies that are doing their job, unlike the biased journalists!

  • Are ‘CBI/ED/IT etc’ animals on leash..that they are to be “unleashed” on unsuspecting citizens?? Why use such terms for official machinery doing their jobs? With that logic, would you headline all judicial enquiry undertaken as ..”lawyers unleashed on the unsuspecting victim”?

Nidhi Razdan, did you forget that the IT department had found evidence against the brother of Mayawati for rigging the “chana” prices?

After raiding nearly a dozen of premises of businesses and firms linked to Anand Kumar, brother of BSP
supremo Mayawati, the IT officials had said that “Assessee was also instrumental in rigging Chana prices on NCDEX”. Now, will Nidhi Razdan defend this?

Hansika Raj


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