After abusing PM Modi as B***** & B****, Jignesh Mevani once again dared to attack PM, but Indians ripped him apart!

After calling PM Modi as “Boring” and “Budda”, the Congress poster boy who had received funds from terrorist sympathizers to fight the Gujarat elections has once again used his motor-mouth to attack the Prime Minister of India, Mr Modi in an extremely derogatory way.

Soon after his abusive statement was bashed by the Indians, he had come in a defence with a set of questions which are filled with blatant lies.

“Dear Trolls – Who promised 15 lakh rupees ?
Who promised 2 crore jobs?
Who promised no terrorism?
Who promised no hike in petrol, diesel, gas cylinder?
Who promised safety of dalits and minorities?
Who promised waive off in farmers loans?” he tweeted.

Firstly, he should understand that it was not trolls but the angry reactions of the Indians who couldn’t tolerate the abuses of Jignesh Mevani.

  • He had questioned, did PM Modi deposit Rs 15 lakh rupees as promised by him? Well, here is the answer!

Finally, PM Modi has deposited Rs 15 lakhs in each and every Indian’s account 

Later, he questioned about the employment generation. If he lacks literacy to read the newspapers then let me remind him that employment generation has increased when compared to the Congress-led UPA period.

Hilariously, this man questioned about the actions taken to curb terrorism. Did he forget that terrorists are haunted and hunted in Kashmir? Did he forget that on the order of PM Modi, Indian Army entered into Pakistan and killed more than 40 terrorists and Pakistani soldiers? Why didn’t he question the Congress government when terrorists entered Mumbai and killed nearly 200 Indians in 2008?

Dalits and minorities are the safest under PM Modi’s government. That’s a reason India got Mr Ram Nath Kovind as its President. That’s the reason, the minorities voted for PM Modi in Gujarat for a successive 6th term.

Now, farmers are not facing any shortage of fertilizers due to PM Modi’s neem coating initiative. Yet, this man is saying that farmers are suffering.

What else can be expected from this man, who supports the man who wants to divide India!

Patriotic Indians are saying that they don’t need Rs 15 lakh rupees but want to send people who give anti-national statements out of India. PM Modi is on the verge of executing this and that’s the reason people like Jignesh Mewani are shouting on top of their voice.

“I don’t need 15 lakhs. Not even a job. Don’t have a problem with the rise in prices. But want the govt to keep anti-national dogs like Mevani in jail”.

Rahul Gandhi is roaming throughout the nation saying that he will convert potato into gold and his close aide Jignesh Mevani is seen abusing PM Modi. What else can be expected from these pseudo youth leaders?

How he abused PM Modi earlier?

Jignesh Mewani had earlier said that PM Modi doesn’t have any content to speak. He further abused PM Modi saying that Modi is a boring person and has become a Budda (foul way of addressing an elderly person).

Jignesh Mewani also asked PM Modi to leave politics and head towards Himalaya. “Indian politics should be handed over to youths like him”, he further said.

Hansika Raj


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