After abusing PM Modi, Jignesh Mevani does another heinous act! Using a photo-shopped picture, tries to harass a woman who is followed by PM Modi

It definitely starts with one woman and goes on to continue with the other ladies. It has become a trend now to abuse women on social media handles, using their pictures for unethical purposes and of course, Photoshop is a major part of the crime.

You never know who uses your picture for what purpose these days. Yes, you need to totally agree on this. Can anyone tell me, did this MLA used to work in studios earlier? Photoshopping, making CD’s what all art and crafts does he know?

Can anyone help me with finding Jignesh Mevani’s address? I am filing a criminal complaint against him as he has tried to harass and bully me, a woman, a mother and a private citizen by sharing a fake photoshopped pic that is SO obviously fake that it shows the same man twice!

The close friend of Prakash Raj and a so-called arrogant politician, Jignesh Mevani has dared to bully and abuse a dignified lady like, Shefali Vaidya on Twitter. Shefali has lodged a complaint that Jignesh he has used her picture for a wrong purpose on social media. Any comments from the Jignesh brigade now? Any protests for abusing a woman?

Hi Twitter India, Ministry WCD, Pune Police, an elected MLA Jignesh Mevani is harassing me, a pvt citizen by tweeting a fake photo shopped image. Are you planning to take any action? This image has caused immense trauma for my children. Is this harassment of a woman okay?

For Twitter India and Twitter to take action, the person who’s trolling must be under trial and hardcore criminal. I think Jignesh Mevani is waiting to get graduated to that status. On a serious note, practising Bipartisan tactics by Twitter is a dangerous trend for India.

Appeal to all Female Social Media users to not display your Photos publicly because MLA like Jignesh Mevani can photoshop your image anytime just for their Agenda against Modi. And, No Feminist or Women’s rights Activists will speak for you.

Is hatred for PM Modi the only agenda behind this? The Anti-Modi brigade can get down to any extent to achieve their motive against the Prime Minister. Will this abuse of woman be accepted? Should this be taken lightly? No Feminist or woman rights activist has raised voice against this. No media has broadcasted this, why? Why didn’t any of the media houses talk about this?