After abusing PM Modi’s mother, now Rahul Gandhi’s close aide Jignesh Mevani makes cheap comments against PM Modi

Although Congress President Rahul Gandhi has once boasted that “Prime Minister of nation should be respected always” but these are simple baseless sayings as it neither go along well with him nor his party leaders and allies.

Time and again the Congress President and his allies have hurled abuses at Prime Minister Modi. Disrespecting his position and disrespecting the 130 crore Indians who have chosen him as their representative once again close aide of Congress President Rahul Gandi and MLA from Vadgam , Gujarat , Jignesh Mevani has insulted Prime Minister by calling him “Namak Haram”(the one who betrays) while addressing a rally organised by the Communist Party of India in Patna

In his 9 minutes long speech, Mevani has around six times referred to Prime Minister as “Namak Haram”. He questioned Prime Minister silence on issue of workers hailing from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar being beaten up in Gujarat and commented that PM Modi has betrayed Gujarati’s maximum. He even referred to Prime Minister as “manufactured defective piece” which is sent from Gujarat to Delhi

He said “Kaptaan kitna namak haraam hai aap dekhiye. Bihar aur UP ke mazdooron ko Gujarat mein maara gaya. Magar is namak haraam ki zubaan se ek shabd bhi nahin nikla. Bahot namak haraam hai aur uski namak haraami sabse zyaada humne dekhi hai Gujarat mein, Is namak haraam ko pehchaan lijiye.”

He further seeked apology on behalf of Gujarat’s 6.5 crore population not only from people of UP and Bihar but country’s 130 crore population

“We ask for forgiveness not just from Bihar but from country’s 130 crore population for sending a piece with a manufacturing defect from Gujarat to Delhi. This captain is such a namak-haram. You see in Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, UP and Bihar, the workers whose blood and sweat has enabled construction of roads in Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot and Vadodara.”

Even while addressing when there was a power cut for a few seconds at the venue because of which his mic stopped functioning. He blamed the Prime minister for this.“Yeh bhi iss namak haraam ka shadyantra hai,” he remarked.

This isn’t the first time that the Gujarat MLA has attacked PM Modi. Earlier this year, he had mocked the ‘surgical strikes’ conducted by Indian forces on Pakistan, terming the strike conducted by PM Modi on the country as more lethal.

“Modiji did a big Surgical Strike on the people with demonetisation and GST. He told the farmers of India that he would double their income; he has done a Surgical Strike on them. He promised jobs to 2 crore youth but didn’t provide, he has done a Surgical Strike on them. He has done a Surgical Strike on the media also by not implementing the Majithia commission report. Modiji’s Surgical Strike is dangerous because it’s on 1.25 billion people,” he had said.

He even once referred to PM Modi as “Boring Buddha” (boring old person) and asked him to leave politics and head towards Himalaya. “Indian politics should be handed over to youths like him”, he further said.
He had earlier also posted a picture of himself with a person dressed as Prime Minister Modi, where he was asking PM Modi look alike to ‘end his drama’ and give answers about the promises he had made regarding job opportunities.

On behalf of our Prime Minister who is busy in development of nation we would like to say and ask some things to close aide of Rahul Gandhi

Look who is talking?

  • The man who fought elections on the funds of an organisation that had links with terrorism.
  • The man who is dividing India at the behest of Maoists, Communists and anti hindu forces.
  • What have you contributed to India except spreading hatred?
  • Infact based on your acts we think you need serious counselling from a good psychiatrist Mr. Jignesh

We often say a person is represented by the way he speaks and deals with others. Very true our words are actually a reflection of we are. Time and again Prime Minister Modi’s haters have shown us their level of lowless ness by hurling abuses at PM Modi. They think that they are inciting anger in people against Prime Minister by using abusive words for him. But in doing so they forget they are actually showing their true colours.

Source : Republic World