After Air Strike, India makes Water Strike! Modi Govt stops Indus water from flowing to Pakistan

PM Modi Government has given sleepless nights to Pakistan by taking continuous actions against the terror sponsoring nation post Pulwama terror Attack.

PM Modi made it very clear to Pakistan that “It has committed a biggest mistake and it has to pay for this. No one will be spared”

And he stood true to his words. Pakistan is now facing the wrath of its actions. In another bold move standing true to its promise, PM Modi Government has blocked the flow of water to Pakistan.Union Minister of State for Water Resources Arjun Mehghwal said India has stopped water of three eastern rivers namely Sutlej, Ravi and Beas flowing to Pakistan. He added 0.53 million acre-feet water has been stopped from going to Pakistan and has been stored. Whenever Rajasthan or Punjab needs it, that water can be used for drinking and irrigation purposes.

Earlier Union Minister for Water Resources Nitin Gadkari stated that “When India and Pakistan were divided; three rivers were given to Pakistan and three to India. However, India continuously gave the river water supply to neighbour Pakistan, but now it will not be continued further. That river water will be used for Yamuna River now. It will be supplied to nurture the Yamuna River through the Yamuna project.

He further added that there are several projects going on to save and nurture Yamuna River, and we will use that water to purify Yamuna and we are much focusing on Yamuna

According to the Indus Water Treaty, the rivers Ravi, Sutlej and Beas was allocated to India whereas, the Jhelum, Chenab and Indus waters were allotted for Pakistan to utilise but former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru in order to impress the neighbors gave undue favors to them and India continued to supply river water to Pakistan

But now India is primarily concerned about its own interests first and rest all things later. This is New India. It is not the old Congress Government which will put the nation at stake. It is PM Modi’s New India; we have a powerful government which is not afraid to take any decision under international pressure when it comes to national interest. Be it using diplomacy, persuasion or power, we will go ahead with our interests.

Few days ago Prime Minister Modi Government has decided to block the flow of 531 million cubic metres (MCM) of water going to Pakistan by construction of Ujh Multipurpose project in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K). The blocked water will be diverted to Punjab, Haryana and, if possible, even to Rajasthan with construction of canals
All other nations too stand by India in their fight against terrorism. Pakistan will have to pay for its actions of harboring terrorists