After Anil Kapoor, another Bollywood celebrity is impressed and proud of how PM Modi has developed Varanasi

Answering back to all those fake announcements the opposition makes against the Prime Minister that he is being advertised on the basis of paid promotions, here’s something to shut the mouths of those haters. People especially in India are quite smart enough to judge who is working in their benefit and who’s not.

People have been noticing the changes taking place over the years in their very own Varanasi and also the man who has been getting these changes. This list includes not just common people but celebrities as well. It would rather be surprising for the Opposition that well-known faces in the society have been talking interest to congratulate PM Narendra Modi on his good work.

Well, this time it is veteran actor, Hema Malini who has expressed her surprise at the changes that have been effected in Varanasi over the years, following her first visit to the religiously significant city for a long time. 

Talking about her experience there, she highlighted that she saw visible and remarkable changes everywhere, especially in terms of cleanliness. She said that it demonstrated the effort that has been put in to improve the city. The actor turned politician made sure she mentioned the efforts put behind this change and thus it is visible in bringing back the importance of the sacred city.

In photos she’s shared along with her post on twitter, Hema Malini can be seen taking a boat ride on the Ganga with Varanasi’s ghats gleaming behind her. Another photo she’s shared captures the old and the new in the city in vivid detail, including the many temples, the wood used in pyres, and also, the boats that are branded to serve as floating advertising hoardings. The third photo shows all that and more, on an even grander scale.

Earlier it was bollywood actor Anil Kapoor who had showed this gesture towards appreciating the development in the city of Varanasi. Anil Kapoor had hailed PM Modi for his efforts and hardwork towards improving the city enhancing its beauty for the visitors, after witnessing it with his own experience there. He shared his words of appreciation with PM Modi through his twitter handle. Also sending his message to every Indian out there to know the change.

Our PM is as down to earth he can be, he has never forgotten to thank what he has received. Either be criticisms or love, he receives it with open arms. Making sure not to ignore the ones appreciating his work, PM Modi had also thanked Anil Kapoor for his words of appreciation and encouragement.

Source: Republic World