After being raped by 3 men, the woman carried her dead baby girl in her arms at midnight: Brutal gang rape that ashamed humanity!

This young mother wanted to see her daughter walk. She wanted to feel the pleasure after her baby girl spoke out. She wanted to carry her baby daughter over her shoulder. But what she did was, she traveled in a metro with her dead daughter.

Ram Rajya is not yet established. That young girl wasn’t aware of this. She was traveling at mid night with her daughter. She got into an auto rickshaw with her 8 months old daughter. But three men who weren’t thought to respect a woman by their parents, threw away the woman’s baby and gang raped that woman for several hours.

This was in Gurugram on 29th May. The woman was walking on her way back to her parents house in Kandsa late night. Those brutal men raped her and they fled. The woman who was in a bad condition started to search for her daughter who was thrown on road by the men. It was 2 am when this ended.

She found her baby in the middle of the road but the baby was declared dead by the doctors in Gurugram. But the woman wasn’t ready to hear this. How can she see her baby dead, she didn’t believe the doctor. Accompanied by her father-in-law, she set out for Tughlakabad in Delhi, where her parents live. They boarded a Metro and visited another doctor who also told her the baby had died. With the body in her arms, she returned to Gurugram, this time to file a police case. She got off at the MG Road station, where her husband and cops were waiting.

Case was lodged, later the post mortem of the baby was conducted. The police even released the sketch of the rapists.

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The suffering undergone by the lady isn’t yet revealed fully. She said that, after she left her home which is in a village, she caught a truck but she was molested by the truck driver. So she got down from the truck and caught an auto. What happened in auto disturbed the entire humanity.
The baby’s body was found with several injuries. A special investigation team has been set up and they have detained at least 50 auto drivers and arrested some.

Why is this happening again and again?

Last month, the Supreme Court upheld the conviction and death penalty of Jyothi Singh’s rapists and murders. The court also upheld life imprisonment of 11 men accused of the gang-rape of Bilkis Vano.

Rapes are witnessed and the rapists are punished. This is a regular circle. When will this circle end? When will a lady be respected universally?

A husband treats his wife like a queen, a boyfriend treats his girl like a princess, a father fulfils all the desires of his daughter, a brother be very protective went it comes to his sister. All these are being happening from time immemorial. Then where are we going wrong? Why aren’t woman safe yet?

Every parent teach their children the basics manners, but who are these people who haven’t yet learnt to respect woman? Until when a woman should fear of walking freely in a street?

Rajat Bhandary